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Drop test shows Samsung’s Note 10+ is slightly tougher than iPhone XS Max


Galaxy Note 10+ vs. iPhone XS Max
The Galaxy Note 10+ survived a series of drop tests just a bit better than an iPhone XS Max.
Photo: PhoneBuff

The extra-large Galaxy Note 10+ survived a series of drop tests just a bit better than the iPhone XS Max.

Neither device came out unscathed from being dropped 1 meter onto cement as both are sheathed in glass. The question is whether the screen and back are shattered or just cracked.

iPhone XS is stronger, but certainly not unbreakable


iPhone XS broken
Yes, you still need a case.
Photo: SquareTrade

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max boast the strongest glass ever used in a smartphone, Apple says. But is it strong enough?

New tests reveal that although Apple’s devices may be tougher than their predecessors, they’re still not unbreakable. Drop one on a sidewalk and it will almost certainly result in a pricey repair bill.

Unscientific drop test pits Apple’s new iPhones against iPhone X


Broken iPhone XS screen2
And to think that most folks don't even have their new iPhone yet!
Photo: TechSmartt

The world’s not fair. Most people haven’t even gotten their hands on the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and already a video of Apple’s top newest handsets being purposely damaged has shown up online.

It’s the work of YouTube channel TechSmartt, which describes it as the “ultimate drop test” for Apple’s new handsets. And while we think that the “ultimate” suffix might be better saved for a more scientific drop test, we’ll take what we can get at this early stage!

Samsung Galaxy S9 is tougher than iPhone X, but still breaks with one drop


Samsung Galaxy S9
Lesson learned: Don't drop expensive smartphones.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung says that its new Galaxy S9 smartphone has been designed for “enhanced durability,” but just how durable is it? And, perhaps more importantly to Apple fans, how does it stack up against the iPhone X?

Those question are answered in a new drop test video created by insurance company SquareTrade. In a variety of tests — ranging from back-down drops to tumbles — the new Galaxy S9 is put through its paces to test just how tough it actually is. Check out the video below.

World’s thinnest iPhone case faces 21-foot drop test [Review]


thinnest iPhone case Review
The Clear-Coat FUSION Bumper from Mobile Outfitters was put to the drop test. Did it survive?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Philadelphia-based company Mobile Outfitters is well-known for its ultra-strong iPhone screen protectors. Now it’s put all of its phone-protection know-how together to create the Fusion Bumper — the world’s thinnest iPhone case.

At 1.9 mm thin, the Clear-Coat Fusion Bumper case for the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 has been drop-tested up to 20 feet. But, can it really survive a drop from that sort of height?

Check out the video review below to see us really put it through the test.

Bulletproof iPhone case!? Pitaka Aramid iPhone case [Reviews]


Cult of Mac
A light-weight, bulletproof iPhone case?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It’s not often an iPhone case catches my eye. There has to be a standout feature to get me excited about seeing what it has to offer. Whether that’s amazing craftsmanship or a sneaky charging feature, it can’t be ordinary.

At first glance, the Pitaka Aramid case for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus seems just that; ordinary. But the more I read up about what Aramid was, the more I was interested. Check out my full video review below.

New torture tests pit Galaxy S7 edge against iPhone 6s Plus


Samsung's IP68 rating keeps it usable and safe underwater, but not so much when it gets dropped. Photo: EverythingApplePro/YouTube
Samsung’s IP68 rating keeps it usable and safe underwater, but not so much when it gets dropped. Photo: EverythingApplePro/YouTube

In the endless battle for supremacy between Apple and Samsung, the Korean company has leaped ahead of Cupertino when it comes to water-resistance. But the iPhone 6s Plus still reigns supreme in terms of shatter-resistance.

A YouTuber set the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge next to an Apple iPhone 6s Plus in a big deep tub of water, then dropped them both from different heights, and the results are pretty predictable (yet still fun to watch).

The results definitely aren’t pretty.

Drop Test Proves Galaxy S4’s ‘Durable’ Plastic Is No Match For iPhone 5’s Aluminum [Video]



Samsung has had to defend the Galaxy S4’s plastic form factor quite a bit since the device was announced back in March, and one of the ways it has done that is by touting the handsets durability. Plastic, Samsung claims, makes the device much more robust than competing smartphones because it bends and absorbs impact.

But as we suspected all along, aluminum is stronger. In a smartphone torture test performed by warranty provider SquareTrade, the Galaxy S4 fails to beat the iPhone 5 in drop tests, and even proved to be more fragile than its predecessor, the Galaxy S III.