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This iPad Game Restores Your Faith In Humanity


Move blocks to solve levels.
Move blocks to solve levels.

Spend some time with physics-puzzler, Drei, and you’ll get a first-rate gaming experience on your iPad.

Spend a little more of that precious time with this game, and your faith in humanity just might be restored.

That’s the idea here with this innovative game: work to solve puzzles together with an another anonymous player somewhere in the world, and remind yourself that we’re all interdependent.

Maybe that’s a good idea, considering all the things we need to work together to solve in real life.

Drei Teaches You About Friendship Through Physics! [Review]


Drei 4

I’m a big fan of physics-based puzzles, but the trouble is most of them relate to altering an object’s trajectory as it falls rather than manipulating things.

Drei by Etter Studio GmbH
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPad
Price: $2.99

Drei by Etter Studio GmbH does away with falling oranges and rolling balls and offers instead increasingly difficult building block puzzles that require you to balance objects, shapes, and negotiate with other players.