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Adobe Illustrator joining Photoshop on iPad in 2020


Adobe Illustrator for iPad
This early glimpse show what Adobe Illustrator for iPad will probably look like.
Photo: Adobe

Adobe plans to launch a version of Illustrator for Apple’s tablets next year. But this won‘t be a straight port — the user interface will be changed substantially to run on a touchscreen with a stylus.

The company also just introduced Photoshop for iPad (and revealed plans to launch Adobe Photoshop Camera, a camera app that adds lenses and filters).

iPad sketch app Paper adds brilliant creative templates [Review]


These exquisitely designed digital journals in Paper by WeTransfer will get anyone’s creative juices flowing.
These exquisitely designed digital journals will get anyone’s creative juices flowing.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

Looking for some fun stuff to do with your Apple Pencil? Then you should definitely check out today’s update to Paper by WeTransfer, which introduces a new Paper Store.

Despite its name, the Paper Store doesn’t actually sell paper. Instead it offers a range of 28 digital journals created by brilliant designers and illustrators. These journals are filled with creative prompts, exercises and drawing tutorials that will get your creative juices flowing. And they’re a whole lot of fun to use.

Doodling has never been so easy or productive.

CorelDraw comes back to Mac, 20 years later


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 was designed specifically for macOS.
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 was designed specifically for macOS.
Photo: Corel

You have to be of certain age to remember a Mac version of CorelDRAW, but its developer just returned this graphics suite to Apple desktops and laptops.

Corel commits itself to “world-class vector graphics software, professional photo editing, unsurpassed output capabilities, and AI-powered drawing tools.” 

Linea Sketch adds fantastic new Apple Pencil features


Linea Sketch
Linea Sketch get a ton of great iPad-Pro ready-features.
Photo: Iconfactory

The iPad’s best simple drawing app just got a fantastic update for the new 2018 iPad Pro. Linea Sketch is a crowd favorite thanks to its clean design, its advanced-yet-simple-to-use features, and its great drawing and ink engine. And now it has been brushed up to take advantage of the new 2018 iPadPro and second-gen Apple Pencil.

Linea Go, the iPad’s best drawing app, is now on iPhone


Linea Go manages to shrink the iPad version and keep it easy and fun to use.
Linea Go manages to shrink the iPad version and keep it easy and fun to use.
Photo: The Iconfactory

Linea Go is the little sister of Linea, perhaps the best pick-up-and-go drawing app on the iPad. And unlike the iPad, where there are a ton of really top-end drawing and painting apps, the iPhone has far fewer, especially if you just want a great way to lay down a quick sketch.

If nothing else, Linea Go shows just how great it would be if the Apple Pencil worked with the iPhone.

Paper app turns your iPad into a sketch book [50 Essential iOS Apps #47]


Cult of Mac logo poorly painted with Paper app
Paper by FiftyThree might not make you a good artist, but it does make it fun and easy.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: Paper app For the past several years, the iPad has served as a tool to digitize the analog world. Board games are now virtual, books are electronic, and with the art app Paper by FiftyThree, your sketches and artwork are turned digital. Thanks to the incredible touch interface of the iPad and Apple Pencil, the app makes your device feel like its analog counterpart.