OS X Lion Downloaded More Than One Million Times on Launch Day Alone



Apple’s eighth major release of the Mac OS X operating system finally hit the Mac App Store on Wednesday, after what seemed like a painfully long wait since it was teased at WWDC in June. Its $29 price tag, coupled with over 250 awesome new features, makes it a ‘no-brainer’ upgrade for anyone using a compatible Mac, and its launch day download numbers certainly prove that.



Turn iTunes 10 Back Into iTunes 9… Aesthetically



Loathe — absolutely loathe — the new iTunes 10 look? The grayscale sidebar icons? The hypocritically wonky horizontal windows controls? That ghastly new CD-less icon? *Damien Erambert has put together a handy new package which allows you to roll back iTunes 10’s more egregious changes back to a more palatable iTunes-9-style aesthetic bliss. Not that that looked all that great either, you understand.

* – Okay, this download won’t change the icon… but it’s easy enough to do.