These 3 new Apple TV+ shows will blow and/or ease your mind


‘Becoming You’ debuted on Apple TV+ on Friday, November 13.
Becoming You is a new documentary series showing how children develop.
Photo: Apple

A trio of new informative and enjoyable shows hit Apple TV+ on Friday. Mind-blowing documentary Fireball takes a look at meteors throughout history, while Becoming You explores human development. And Doug Unplugs is an animated series for small children.

Each can be watched now on Apple’s streaming video service.

Despite some quizzical positions, Doug Unplugs is a charming kids’ show [Apple TV+ review]


The heartwarming 'Doug Unplugs' looks like a sure-fire hit for kids.
The heartwarming Doug Unplugs looks like a sure-fire hit for kids.
Image: Apple TV+

Powered by the formidable DreamWorks Animation, Apple TV+’s newest children’s show is frequently disarming and deeply cute. Doug Unplugs, which arrives on the streaming service this Friday, is likely to be perfect for young kids, and not too much for tired parents who’ll watch it over their shoulders.

Young robot learns about being human in Doug Unplugs on Apple TV+


‘Doug Unplugs’ is an upcoming show based on ‘Doug Unplugged.’
Doug Unplugs shows children there’s more to life than what one gets from computers.
Photo: Apple

Preschoolers will soon be able to learn about life in a computer-animated Doug Unplugs show on Apple TV+. It’s based on a popular book series about a robot boy and his human friends, and makes the jump to TV in mid-November.

A trailer released Monday gives kids and their parents a peek at what to expect from this series developed by DreamWorks Animation.

Animated kids’ series Doug Unplugs and Stillwater premiering on Apple TV+ this autumn


‘Stillwater’ seems to have a very Zen vibe to it.
Stillwater on Apple TV+ will teach kids life skills.
Photo: Apple

Coming soon to Apple’s streaming service are two animated shows for children. Doug Unplugs is from DreamWorks Animation and based on a successful book series about a young robot. And Stillwater, which is also based on a book series, stars a very wise giant panda.

Apple TV+ also revealed on Thursday that the second seasons of its children’s shows Ghostwriter and Helpsters will both premiere in October.