Sketchy rumor claims Apple is making an electric minibus


VW van
Apple reportedly wants to get into the minivan business.
Photo: VW

Apple’s long-rumored self-driving car project might not churn out a car at all. Instead, it might just be an electric minibus.

According to a sketchy new rumor, Apple engineers have supposedly created a new minibus, which should be able to drive autonomously, if it ever hits the road.

Tesla blames lack of cash on employee exodus to Apple


The Tesla Model 3 in all its glory.
Photo: Tesla

Apple has hired away numerous Tesla employees since the end of last year — and not just to work on its Apple Car efforts, either.

According to LinkedIn data, 46 former Tesla employees have joined Apple since late 2017: either leaving the company directly for Apple, or being dismissed and then joining. These include manufacturing experts, security and software engineers, supply chain authorities, and more. And Tesla has an official statement to make about it.

Former Tesla VP returns home to work on Apple Car


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The Apple Car project just got another valued team member.
Photo: Aristomenis Tsirbas/Freelancer

Doug Field, a former Vice President of Mac Hardware Engineering at Apple, has returned to the company after spending several years at Tesla.

The interesting part? At Tesla, Field was employed as the Vice President of Vehicle Programs with a role overseeing development of new electric vehicles for the company. Now that he is back at Apple, he is reportedly working as part of the “Project Titan” Apple Car group.