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9 classic iOS games to keep you entertained this weekend


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Gaming's good on iOS, but couldn't it be better?
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app-factor-logo-thumbnailThere are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of games available in the App Store. I’ve played tons of them over the years. Some of those games eventually ended up getting deleted, or moved to the last few pages of my games folder, where they remain for long car or plane rides.

However, there are a few games that have remained on my iPhone or iPad’s Home screen for literally years now. Even long after their launch, I still launch these games regularly, play them, and thoroughly enjoy them.

Doodle Jump Race Combines Classic Doodle With Head-To-Head Racing [Video Review]



The hit game Doodle Jump was one of the first and most popular games to hit iOS in 2009. Since then many updates have been made to the app enhancing and continuing its platform hopping and monster obliterating gameplay. Just recently the very same developers behind the famous Doodle have released a new app for their fans called Doodle Jump Race. Go head-to-head in online races as you help your doodle come across the finish line first. Do you think you have what it takes to win?

Take a look at the video and find out what you think.

Apple Highlights Top 25 All-Time Free & Paid Apps On iOS



With the countdown to 50 billion App Store downloads now underway, Apple has begun highlighting the “top 25 all-time” free and paid apps on iOS. The Cupertino company did a similar thing in the run up to 25 billion downloads last year, and for 10 billion downloads in January 2011.

Some of the apps included in the list are no surprise, with the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Skype topping the free chart, and Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Doodle Jump topping the paid chart.

Sonic Returns To iOS In Sonic Jump, Coming To The App Store On Thursday


Like Doodle Jump, but with Sonic.
Like Doodle Jump, but with Sonic.

Sega has turned its hand to vertical jumping games with a brand new title called Sonic Jump that’s coming to the App Store tomorrow. The title looks a lot like Doodle Jump, only it features Sega’s beloved blue hedgehog instead, and rather than being just an endless jumper, you’ll have to beat new and familiar stages in pursuit of the infamous Dr. Eggman.

Doodle Jump Is Now A Two-Player Game



Everybody’s favorite jumping-as-high-as-possible iOS game, Doodle Jump, has just been updated with something cool: two player mode.

You can now challenge other Doodle Jumpers via Game Center, using your iDevice’s wifi connection. In two-player mode there’s a finish line, first player to reach it is the winner.

To spice things up, power-ups are shared between the two players. He who jumps higher, faster, gets to use them first.

“What a shame there’s no Doodle Jump for iPad,” you might whisper sadly. Whisper not: makers Lima Sky say Doodle Jump for iPad is on its way to us right now.

This Week’s Must Have iOS Games: Tiny Wings, Volcano Escape & Zombie Runaway


Screen shot 2011-02-26 at 22.29.59

This week’s roundup of must-have iOS games features what I think could be the next iPhone craze; Tiny Wings is a simple one-button arcade game based on a dream of flying, and another huge App Store success that will be sure to hang around for a while at the top of the paid charts, just like Angry Birds or Doodle Jump.

Volcano Escape is another of our favorites a terrific platformer that provides level after level of action-packed entertainment, which, together with its crazy characters and explosive weaponry, makes it one of the greatest games of its genre.

Zombies are quite the stars within the App Store – some of the most popular iOS games feature the living dead. Our third must-have game this week, and another to add to the list of zombie successes, is Zombie Runawaya brilliant run-as-far-as-you-can game that’s a little different to the rest.

Find out more about the games above after the break!

‘Tiny Wings’ Could be Next iPhone Craze [Must-Have Game]




Tiny Wings($0.99) iPhone – Games

The next iPhone game to join the likes of Doodle Jump and Angry Birds as hugely popular titles that seem to cling to the top of the App Store charts for months on end could be Tiny Wingsa simple one-button arcade game based on a dream of flying. Featuring a loveable little bird whose wings are too small to fly, the aim of this game is to slide up and down hills as fast as you can, flapping your wings when the time is right to achieve a moment’s flight… before gravity brings you back down again.

Fly as far as you can, fulfilling each of your tasks to upgrade you nest, and try to unlock all 27 of the tricky OpenFeint achievements. While the object of the game seems fairly easy, it features enough of a challenge to ensure you’re quickly addicted to its charm, and you won’t be able to put it down. Its most unique feature is the procedural generated graphics that make the beautiful visuals look different every day you play. Tiny Wings is a remarkably simple idea that makes for a wonderful game.

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