Meet the cheap, stylish smartphones backed by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley


Obi Worldphone’s first smartphones are here.
Photo: Obi Worldphone

Backed by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley, Obi Worldphone is a startup company that’s hoping to shake up the affordable Android market with two new devices that combine stylish designs and decent specifications with even more attractive price tags.

Meet the Obi Worldphone SF1 and SJ1.5, which start at as little as $129.

WTF? Ex-Apple Executive Apologizes For The Original iPhone, Says It “Wasn’t Great”



Here’s a hard to believe story: one of Apple’s executives behind the original iPhone has gone so far as to apologize to anyone who bought one during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

Why? According to ex-Apple senior director of product marketing for the original iPhone Bob Borchers: “If you had the original iPhone, I apologize; it was not a great phone, it was an OK phone.”

Unbelievably, he may have a point.

CineXplayer Pumps Incredible Surround Sound To Your JamBox


CineXplayer's new browser view lets you stream or download movies
CineXplayer's new browser view lets you stream or download movies

CineXplayer, the go-to iOS app for playing pretty much any kind of video you can throw at it, has been updated to include virtual surround sound. This gives you surround sound in stereo speakers or headphones instead of mixing Dolby Digital 5.1 surround down to a plain stereo signal.