Astronaut uses iPad to DJ an out-of-the-world party


DJ astronaut from ISS
DJ Astro Luca provided the tunes for a party while on the International Space Station.
Photo: BigCityBeats

A DJ providing music from an iPad is no big deal… unless he’s 250 miles above the Earth traveling at 17,000 miles an hour. That’s what astronaut Luca Parmitano did, casting music from the International Space Station.

Watch his set now:

DJing gets even easier thanks to djay’s sync up with Spotify


djay + iPhone 1

What if you had access to any song you wanted while you were DJing? “It’s like giving a chef infinite resources for ingredients,” explains Algoriddim co-founder and CEO Karim Morsy. Algoriddim’s popular djay app is getting a major update today that gives users the ability to mix and match millions of tracks on the iPhone and iPad.

Thanks to a partnership with Spotify, djay users can now play any of the streaming’s service’s 20 million songs. Some fancy audio matching technology also makes it incredibly easy to match and discover new tracks.

Spin2 Is The World’s First MIDI DJ Controller Designed For Djay In The App Store



The world of djing has changed quite a bit since the iPhone and iPad. Companies like Algoriddim released djay, a popular DJ app that has won an Apple Design Award. DJ controllers have started interfacing with these kinds of apps, but a new product called the Vestax Spin 2 is the world’s first MIDI controller created exclusively for djay and vjay, Algoriddim’s two iOS and Mac apps.

Algoriddim Releases vjay For iPhone, Slashes djay’s Price For A Limited Time



If there’s any company that gets content creation on the iOS platform, it’s Algoriddim. The Germany-based development firm is behind djay, the most intuitive and polished software of its kind on iPhone and iPad.

Music mixing isn’t Algoriddim’s only forte. Back in June, vjay for iPad was announced. The app brought live video remixing to the tablet experience, and today vjay has arrived on the iPhone. To celebrate the release, Algoriddim is also discounting all its iOS apps for a limited time in the App Store.


MacPhun's Color Splash Studio is finally on iOS, and it's leading this week's must-have apps roundup.
MacPhun's Color Splash Studio is finally on iOS, and it's leading this week's must-have apps roundup.