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Top iOS App Makers Gross $90K Per Day



Earlier this year, Cult of Mac cited a study from Distimo stating that developers with a hope of cracking the Top 10 paid apps needed to be making in the region of $47,000 per day.

Well, after a strong year for mobile, that number has been revised slightly.

According to Distimo’s 2013 Year in Review report, global revenue for the 200 highest grossing apps in the App Store stand at more than $18 million — a figure which breaks down to around $90,000 average for the top apps.

iOS Apps Have To Gross $47k Per Day Crack Top 10 Paid Apps



With over 50billion apps downloaded though App Store, we’ve always known competition is tough to set yourself apart and make it to the Top 10 charts, but how much money do you actually bring in per day to break the Top 10 grossing apps?

According to a study by Distimo, the magic number is $47,000 per day. If you just want to crack the Top 10 paid apps on the App Store then you’ll need to get 4,000 downloads per day. 

Hate In-App Purchases? Here’s Why It’s The Easiest Way To Make Money On The App Store


Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 10.53.40 AM

Do you hate in-app purchases? Sick of downloading an app only to discover its borderline unusable until you drop an extra five bucks? Sick of games that aren’t play to win, but pay to win?

Tough noogies. In-app purchases account for a staggering 76% of all iPhone App Store revenue, with 71% of all iPhone app revenue coming from in-app purchases for total free apps.

If there’s any comfort to be had from U.S. IAP haters, at least there’s this: Americans spend, on average, only about a buck in in-app purchases per download. In Japan, it’s four times that amount.

Source: Distimo

Google Play Grew Rapidly In 2012, But App Store Is Still Cash Cow [Report]


Apple wins this round.
Apple wins this round.

Mobile app analytics firm Distimo annually publishes a review of the past year’s growth and trends in the app space. For 2012, Distimo compared Apple’s App Store vs. Google Play on Android handsets. While both marketplaces are considered winners in their own right, the App Store is still where the real money comes from.

Google Play has technically been growing faster than the App Store in recent months, but the daily revenues generated in the App Store are still far greater than anything Google has been able to muster.

Google Play Grows Fastest, But App Store Sees Four Times As Much Revenue [Report]



Apple’s App Store is widely considered the king of mobile marketplaces — even Android fanatics will admit that it offers a greater selection of high-quality apps and games. But it’s Google Play that’s currently seeing the most growth, according to the latest data from app analytics firm Distimo, while the App Store enjoys more than four times as much revenue.

App Store Generating 4 Times More Cash Than Android Marketplace, Much Of It From China



Remember the recent story about the App Store being worth more than all of RIM? Here’s another astounding factoid: Just the top 200 most-grossing App Store entries generate four times the revenue than everything offered by the Android Marketplace. A new report also pegs China as a major App Store user, accounting for 30 percent of overall downloads and nearly half of iPad apps.