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Apple TV+ is the only streaming service that takes your privacy seriously


Spatial audio for Apple TV in tvOS 15
Most streaming services are watching you while you watch them.
Photo: Apple

Almost every video streaming service except Apple TV+ is selling your data to third-party companies and tracking your viewing habits for targeted ads. A new report from Common Sense Media exposes the loose privacy policies employed by most streaming providers, including Amazon and Netflix.

“Many viewers know that free streaming apps are most likely selling their personal information, but most viewers may not know that most paid sub‐ scription streaming apps are also selling users’ data,” warns the report.

Spotify updates Home screen with faster access to favorites


Spotify is making big changes.
Photo: Spotify

Spotify is making it a lot faster to find your favorite music or new things to listen to with a big update for its iOS app today.

The music streaming service revealed it overhauled the Home screen on its iPhone and iPad app, packing it with more content you love and better discovery and recommendation features that change throughout the day.

Spice up your video project with now affordable Discovery footage


From a clip that is among 30,000 that will make up the Discovery Communications library on VideoBlocks.
From a clip that is among 30,000 that will make up the Discovery Communications library on VideoBlocks.
Photo: Discovery Communications/VideoBlocks/ Vimeo

We love the science and nature documentaries on the Discovery Channel. Producers hire some of the world’s best filmmakers, sends them to remote and beautiful places on Earth where, in some cases, they risk their lives to get us the kind of footage that sates our curiosity.

The work – from shots of erupting volcanos and charging hippos to the sun sinking below the curvy horizon of a dessert – is stunning. And a lot of it ends up cut and filed away, never to be seen.

The subscription-based stock video company VideoBlocks announced Tuesday it has struck a deal with Discovery Communications to make available more than 30,000 clips, some of which are high definition and 4K.

Spotify fires back at Apple Music with personalized playlists


Spotify is taking what it knows about your music tastes to curate a personalized weekly playlist.
Spotify is taking what it knows about your music tastes to curate a personalized weekly playlist.
Photo: Spotify

Spotify doesn’t want to go down without a fight.  The service is debuting Discover Weekly, a new playlist for every user that updates every Monday with unique recommendations for each person. One of Apple Music’s advantages over Spotify is its personalized playlists for users’ tastes, and now Spotify is matching it.

A focus on discovery makes Apple Music a serious contender


Even Taylor Swift loves Apple Music.
Discover stuff large and small with Apple's new Music service.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

I’m a streaming music junky. I gave up collecting, owning, and maintaining music files on my own Mac years ago and I’ve never looked back. It’s the only sensible way to have access to millions of songs without having to worry about storing them.

I’ve used and tested Rdio, Spotify, Beats Music, and other on-demand streaming services over the past few years, so it made sense to check out Apple Music, the new on-demand service to come out of Cupertino.

It’s going to take some time to dig in deep, but so far, Apple Music is proving to be an amazingly comprehensive streaming music product that focuses on discovery, something that the competition struggles with. Within minutes of downloading iOS 8.4, I’m already listening to a playlist of artists I know as well as those I don’t – a perfect blend of old and new.

I’ve found a new streaming service to love in Apple Music, and I think you will, too.

Apple in talks to bring Discovery and Viacom aboard its web TV venture


Apple's new improved TV could be coming as early as this fall.
Apple's next-gen TV service is sounding better by the day. Photo: Robert S. Donovan/Flickr CC
Photo: Robert S. DonovanFlickr CC

The more we hear, the more Apple’s reported web TV service sounds like a dream come true for cord-cutters!

With previous reports suggesting the subscription service will offer around 25 channels in total, a new Wall Street Journal report claims Apple is busy talking with both Discovery and Viacom about the venture. Deals with those companies could bringing channels including Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon to viewers.

Steve Wozniak is about to become a reality TV show


Coming soon to a waxworks near you.
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak standing with the Apple II. Photo: Robert Scobble
Photo: Robert Scoble

Steve Wozniak has played a lot of roles over the last three decades – engineer, Apple co-founder, Segway polo champion, and university professor – but Steve is about to jump into an all new realm: Realty TV show host.

The Apple co-founder is reportedly tag-teaming with Mythbusters’ co-host Kari Byron for a new reality TV show about all-things tech called The Woz.

Apple, Samsung, Forced To Open Their Financial Books In Trial Today


You weren't expecting Apple to issue a straight and sincere apology, were you?
Hard to keep these kind of secrets when you're suing the crap out of each other.

For those of us watching the trial of Apple vs Samsung this week, the fact that Judge Lucy Koh made the companies reveal confidential sales data is something of a no-brainer. The jury will need to look at the sales of the various devices from the two mobile technology giants to decide at some point what the damages should be, if any.

The Final Flight Of NASA’s Last Space Shuttle Captured By An iPhone On Instagram


The Space Shuttle Discovery gets Instagrammed on the iPhone

Earlier today, the Space Shuttle Discovery took its final flight on the back of a modified Boeing 747 jumbo jet from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Washington, D.C. where it will go on display in the Smithsonian.

As it flew over the U.S. capitol, Instagram user Adam Wells took this totally sweet shot of the Discovery being piggy-backed to her final home at the Smithsonian’s Air & Space facility in Chantilly, Virginia. Beautiful.

[via ObamaPacman]