Check out all the new emoji coming to iPhones this fall


New emoji
Apple showed off new emoji Tuesday that will be out this fall.
Photo: Apple

July 17 is World Emoji Day and to celebrate, Apple offered a preview of some the new emoji characters arriving on iPhone and iPad later this year.

The new additions add more diversity to characters along with new animals, foods, activities and smiley faces. Nearly 60 new emoji are set to be added including a skunk, skydiver and sloth.

Take a look at what’s new:

Set Incoming Calls To Headset Or Speaker On Your iPhone With iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]



New accessibility options about in iOS 7 beta, helping folks of all abilities access and use their iOS devices more effectively and efficiently. The Physical & Motor section of the accessibility options now allow folks with motor and other physical disabilities to use a switch for visual and auditory scanning options, emulate various gestures with assistive touch (introduced in iOS 6), adjust the Home click speed, and, as the headline above notes, set where the incoming calls are sent.

Want to have your incoming calls go automatically to a headset or speaker? It’s relatively easy in iOS 7 beta.

Study Shows That iPads Help People With Vision Loss Read Faster, More Comfortably



A study was presented at the 116th annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology yesterday that shows the benefit of backlit tablet computers like the iPad help patients with vision loss due to eye diseases read at a comfortable level again.

The study looked at all backlit tablets, scoring the iPad highest in terms of helping readers with low vision due to conditions like macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy read at their previously higher and more comfortable reading level.

Enable Accessibility Options Anywhere In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


Accessibility Options

Built into every Mac are a host of accessibility options. People with visual disabilities may need to zoom into the screen, making everything on it bigger in order to see enough to use the Mac. Individuals who experience blindness can use VoiceOver, which has the Mac speak everything on screen, including menus and dialog buttons. Other people with visual impairments may need to invert the Display colors and adjust the contrast to help them with eye fatigue as well as seeing the items on screen.

Dutch Inventor Creates Specialized Accessories For iPad Users With Disabilities



This weird-looking gadget is a Strap Stylus for iPad, designed for people who require assistive devices to help them use computers.

The Strap Stylus, along with the Mouthstick and Steady Stylus pictured below, all come with soft-touch capacitive tips. They’re the brainchild of Dutch designer Ivo Beckers, who now sells them worldwide on Etsy under the name ShapeDad. (We previously mentioned his conductive paintbrush socks a couple of years ago.)

His company makes a lot of 3D printed stands and supports for iPads, but assistive devices are now an important business line.