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Family-friendly games to play at your virtual Thanksgiving


iOS Games on iPhone 11 Pro
There are plenty of great, classic games to play virtually with family this Thanksgiving
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

2020 has been a year of change and adjustment, and Thanksgiving is no exception. With family gatherings put on hold and more people looking for ways to interact virtually, there’s still plenty of fun and games to be had with your distant friends and family.

Whether you’re into board games, card games, or just looking for ways to interact between turkey and pie, these are some of the best iOS, Apple TV, and Mac offerings you can play virtually.

Roll Them Bones – Digitally – With Bluetooth-Powered Dice+ [Review]



Board games have enjoyed quite the resurgence on the iPad, with digital versions of just about any game folks can think of, including Monopoly, Risk, Ticket To Ride, and Small World, just to name a few.

Many of these games have excellent pass and play gameplay, which lets gamers play a turn and then hand the iPad over to a friend to take their turn. What’s been missing, though, from many of these games, is real-world dice. There’s something delightful about the randomness of the analog cube, used in all kinds of board games from Backgammon to Yahtzee.

Dice+, then, aims to remedy that with a big, lovely, bluetooth-powered die, ready with its own app full of dice games that will work with the plastic die. Suffice it to say that playing a digital game with a real-world die is, simply put, sublime.

SmartRoll: Bluetooth Dice Which Talk To Your iOS Games



You know what’s lacking in the modern, virtual version of Monopoly? If you answered “Game features to stop you from getting bored” or “Please God no, not another game of Monopoly,” then you’d be right. But those aren’t the answers I’m looking for. The answer I’m looking for is “dice.”

Now, this is (almost) fixed. The SmartRoll is a pair of dice [1] which communicate with your iPad using Bluetooth and let you roll real dice for virtual board games.

EA-Owned Game Studio Dice Looking For Engineer To Port Frostbite Engine To Mac OS X


Boom, baby. Make it easy to see how great your game is.
Frostbite games on Mac? Yes, please

Sweden-based DICE game studio, owned by EA and known for high-end console and PC games like Mirror’s Edge and BattleField, recently posted a job advertisement for a Mac OS X Engineer to work on the company’s Frostbite gaming engine.

Here’s hoping that as many EA games as use the Frostbite engine will come to Mac OS X in the coming years.