Protect Your iPhone From The Elements With DryCASE [Deals]



Yes, this is a fish story. Over the summer my son and I were fishing on the lake in Maine where I’ve been fishing for nearly 40 years. One day I caught the biggest fish (smallmouth bass) I’ve ever caught anywhere, any time. The problem is that you won’t believe me (I don’t expect you to) because I don’t have a picture of it. Why no picture? Because I didn’t want to risk bringing my iPhone or camera in the boat with us. Later I thought, because I had seen them before, “I wish I had one of those uber-waterproof, floating case/bags for my iPhone…”

Well, guess what’s on sale now (and a few months too late for me), yeah you guessed it—Waterproof Your Smartphone With DryCASE: The Ultimate Dry Case for Your Smartphone—and let me tell you why it’s cool and why you should have one.