This iPod-inspired watch stand is music to your eyes


Apple Watch stand looks like an iPod
Charge you Apple Watch and your memory for sweet play lists.
Photo: elago

The Apple Watch is a modern timepiece that one company keeps turning into a time machine.

To elago, the watch display is the perfect inspiration for a series of charging stands made to look like vintage Apple products. It’s latest looks like the Classic iPod, complete with that iconic click wheel.

Colorful iMac G3 looks adorable as a toy robot


Mac toy
iBot comes in tangerine and Bondi blue.
Photo: Philip Lee

Before the brushed aluminum and sharp angles of today’s desktop Mac, the iMac G3 was bulbous, plastic and colorful. Some would say cute.

Toy designer Philip Lee raises the cute factor on the beloved piece of personal computing history with two new Classicbots that come in tangerine and Bondi blue.

Vintage Apple inspires line of toy robots


This toy Classic is ready to travel with a Font Suitcase and pet mouse.
Photo: Classicbot

Philip Lee is an ad man, a great admirer of vintage Macs and a lifelong collector of toy robots. From those three pieces of Lee’s life comes Classicbot, a line of designer toys that turns historic replica Apple hardware and desktop icons into adorable characters.

His first, the Classic, looks like the original Macintosh computer except with a friendly face, arms and legs. There’s even a cute mouse, a Font Suitcase that fits in the toy bot’s hand and a cardboard box reminiscent of the original packaging.