Increase in designer job openings at Apple hint at exciting future plans


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Jony Ive recently resumed his post at the head of Apple's design team.
Photo: BBC

A big increase in the number of exciting-sounding job openings for designers and engineers at Apple’s new Apple Park campus suggests that some exciting projects are underway.

According to a new report, based on data from Apple’s HR website, Apple began hiring a whole lot more designers in October, with openings jumping from an average of 40 or less to a peak of 70 new positions. While the company hires new engineers all the time, this uptick in hiring suggests that Apple is bringing in a whole lot more creative folks than they have in a long while.

The lead designer of the original iPhone is leaving Apple


The original iPhone was one of the best looking iPhones.
The original iPhone was one of the best-looking iPhones.
Photo: Apple

One of the top Apple product designers of the past two decades is parting ways with the company, according to a new report that reveals there’s been a big shake-up on Jony Ive’s team.

Christopher Stringer was the lead designer of the original iPhone and was one of the top two or three designers on Apple’s industrial design team. Now he has apparently decided to jettison from the company right before Apple moves into its new spaceship.