How to get Portrait mode-style depth of field with any iPhone or iPad


Portrait Photos, no iPhone X required.
Take Portrait mode-style photos, no iPhone X required.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

We’ve written a lot about the Focos photo app here on Cult of Mac, because it’s like the Photoshop of focus. The universal iOS app lets you edit the focus of your Portrait mode photos in crazy depth (pun intended). But v2.0 just launched, and it’s hands-down amazing.

Focos 2 uses machine learning to calculate the depth of any photo, and then apply portrait-style blur to it. That means you can take portrait photos on the iPad and, wildest of all, you can apply a portrait background blur to photos you’ve saved from the internet.

Blur is the new black in Apple’s latest iPhone ads


iPhone Depth Control
iOS 12.3.2 will bring depth back to your Portrait photos.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple debuted an ad showing off the Depth Control feature on the new X-class iPhones, a 38-second subliminal sales pitch to get you thinking of an upgrade.

The iPhone XR and XS handsets offer the computational equivalent of shallow depth of field, where a blurred background can make portrait subject stand out.

Lens•Lab App Teaches Everything You Need To Know About Depth-Of-Field



Being a nerd, a pedant, and a Virgo, it’s painful to me to see terminology misused. Like when people say that a lens or photo has “a lot of depth-of-field” when they really mean a “shallow” depth-of-field, for instance.

I am destined to go through life constantly disappointed (and of course making my own dumb mistakes), but at least the depth-of-field problem has now been solved: there’s an app for that, and it’s called Lens•Lab.

How Depth-Of-Field Works [Video]




If you enjoyed Dylan Bennett’s great video on how and why noise affects your digital photos — which we brought you a couple weeks ago — then you’re going to love this one about depth-of-field. Depth-of-field often proves confusing, but simply put, it is the amount of your scene that is in focus.

How Does Apple Get Its Amazing Product Shots? [Video]


Apple's product shots come from real cameras, but that's not the whole story
Apple's product shots come from real cameras, but that's not the whole story

Have you ever wondered how Apple gets such beautifully clean, crisp product shots for its various devices? Are they real photos at all? Or are they just computer-generated images? The truth is somewhere in between, and shows that Apple’s obsessive attention to detail carries over to everything.