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You Can Now Sign For FedEx Packages And Schedule Them For Redelivery Using Your iPad



If you’ve ever impotently raged against the FedEx man for ignoring the note you left on the door and not leaving a package for you behind the toolshed like you asked, great news: FedEx has just updated its Mobile app, allowing for you to sign for packages, reroute a package to another address or provide delivery instructions, all from your iPhone or iPad.

UPS Delivery Guy Caught Stealing A FedEx-ed iPad On Tape [Video]



Going to the store at this time of year is an excruciatingly painful affair. We begin our Christmas shopping months early, and anything we need to get in December is bought online. Unfortunately for some, however, not everything they order online actually shows up.

As courier companies struggle to keep up with the surge in packages, it’s not uncommon for items to go missing, or for them to be delivered to the wrong address. But in some cases, shameless delivery drivers think it’s okay to reward themselves with items you’ve paid for during gift giving season. In the video below, a UPS driver is caught stealing an iPad that was left by FedEx just hours earlier.

A Day Early, iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular Units Already Being Delivered



After breaking the news that iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular units were slated to deliver to customers by November 16th, we’re now hearing reports that some lucky customers are receiving their LTE-equipped iPad minis a day earlier than expected, with units already out on FedEx trucks for delivery. We’re seeing lots of confirmation on Twitter as well, with some customers saying they’ve already received their units.So if you’re expecting a cellular iPad mini tomorrow, check your tracking info: you might just get it a little earlier than expected.

Thanks: MacGeek4Life!

Why Your New iPad Won’t Be Delivered Early


Don't expect your new iPad to be delivered early. Apple's got them under lock and key.

If you’re one of many lucky pre-orderers, your new Retina display iPad may already have been shipped off from Apple’s factories in China and may, in fact, be sitting in your own state, waiting for delivery. We know ours is.

If so, you might think that there’s a strong possibility your new iPad will come sooner than Friday, March 16th. Fat chance.

Pre-order Your New iPad Now, Because Delivery Dates Are Slipping In The U.S.


Screen Shot 2012-03-09 at 11.20.02 AM

Seriously, guys, if you haven’t already, it’s time to pre-order a new iPad, as multiple models are starting to slip from a guaranteed March 16th delivery date to “shipping on March 19th.” For example, the 16GB WiFi-only model, seen above. And when they say “shipping on March 19th”, they mean shipping all the way from China, which could take up to week. So get your order in now, or prepare to camp on launch day.