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The iTunes For Your Physical Media Is Here: Delicious Library 3 Is Out Now


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Are you the kind of guy who needs to compulsively catalogue everything in your life? Good news. Delicious Monster have just released a brand spanking new version of Delicious Library 3, a (no pun intended) monster of an updat that will allow you to easily and beautifully catalog all of the physical media in your life, publish your collection to the web, see how much it’s worth at a glance… and use your iPhone as a scanner. Wow!

Delicious Library 3 Is Coming Soon, With Matching iOS App



My girlfriend and I aren’t so much collectors of books and records as we are black hole like vortexes to which books and records are inescapably drawn, gravitational wells from which any media that passes our event horizons can not escape.

As such, we’re constantly trying to keep track of the books and records we already have. One of our favorite apps to do so is Delicious Library, a fantastic media cataloging application that lets you keep track of your stuff by using a webcam as a barcode scanner (as well as manual entry), but it hasn’t really seen a serious update in years.

Thankfully, that’s about to change. Delicious Library 3 is coming soon, and it apparently will have some pretty rad new functionality: a recommendation engine, and a corresponding iOS app.