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Get a lifetime of decentralized private network protection for only $149


Get a lifetime of decentralized VPN protection for only $149.
Protect your data with this $149 plug-and-play adapter.
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When it comes to cyberdefense, it pays to diversify. Hackers don’t rely on just one way to infiltrate their targets, so you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket either. That’s why a lot of people are switching to decentralized private networks (DPNs) over traditional VPNs, since they don’t have a central group of servers to target.

Using a DPN is a novel approach to internet security that offers a lot of benefits, and Deeper Connect Pico is a great way to get started. It boasts incredible tech to secure your online data and activity. Typically $249, you can grab this powerful cybersecurity device for only $149.

Safely surf the web with this DPN adapter, now just $149


Safely surf the web with this DPN adapter, now $149.
Protect your devices and data with the Deeper Connect Pico, now 40% off.
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When it comes to cybersecurity, most VPN services can feel like a protection racket. You’re basically shelling out a monthly fee to get safe passage navigating open Wi-Fi. But savvy online citizens should know there’s another option. Decentralized VPN can now be set up through hardware like this nifty, lightweight DPN adapter from Deeper Connect.

There are two distinct advantages to making the switch. First, you’ll have a portable DPN that can work on multiple devices globally. Second, you’ll only have to pay once to secure your online data and internet. And right now, you can save $100 on this handy hardware.

Keep hackers at bay with this firewall/decentralized VPN hardware


Protect your data with this top-rated DPN at Cyber Monday prices.
The clock is ticking on Cyber Monday discounts for this secure DPN.
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Here’s a sobering thought for the holidays: The more online shopping you do, the more you may be putting your personal info at risk. The good news is there’s an easy way to secure both your device and your data: the Deeper Connect Pico.

This decentralized VPN and cybersecurity hardware is currently marked down, thanks to our Cyber Monday Sale extension. The big shopping holiday may be winding down, but you can still save $48 off a Deeper Connect Pico if you act today.

Protect your devices anywhere with this plug-and-play decentralized VPN


Keep your data on your Mac with the Deeper Connect Pico.
Keep security in your pocket with the Deeper Connect Pico.
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While updating your Apple gear can protect you from vulnerabilities, that’s just the start of keeping your data secure. The Deeper Connect Pico packs hardwired protection and privacy into a casing the size of a pack of gum. And this effective decentralized VPN is available now for $199.99 (regularly $248) during our Deal Days sale.

This event is our answer to Amazon’s Prime Day. You’ll find amazing deals on apps, home goods, gadgets such as the Pico and more in our promotional collection. No coupon is needed to claim this discount, but you’ll have to be quick, as our Deal Days event ends October 12.

Protect your data for life with this decentralized virtual network


Conceal your data from prying eyes with a VPN that could be with you for life.
Rope off the data mine because it's closed for business when you grab this DPN hardware.
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Your personal online data may not be as secure as you’d like it to be. If you’re browsing on public Wi-Fi or even at home, your data may be tracked, sold and used by advertisers, your ISP or malicious snoops.

Luckily, you can help conceal your activity online with a single piece of hardware. The Deeper Connect Pico Decentralized VPN protects your devices and data from intrusion, and it’s only $248.

Protect your browsing habits for life with this decentralized VPN hardware


This hardware VPN does it all.
This VPN can travel with you wherever you go.
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Whether you primarily use the internet for casual browsing or work remotely full-time, you have data that needs protection. Unfortunately, even your simple browsing data is worth something to companies and trackers. And without the proper equipment, there’s not much you can do to protect yourself.

The Deeper Connect Pico can block those nosey third parties from observing and stealing your data. And for a limited time, this hardware VPN is on sale for $248.