Slingshot-wielding David faces a colossal and difficult task



David is a brilliant and challenging game about a little square facing off against some giant, cheap-as-hell foes with nothing but a minimalist game version of a slingshot.

David by Fermenter Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: $0.99 (promotional price)

You can see what they’re going for here, but it’s more than just David and Goliath; this plucky little game reminded me a lot of Shadow of the Colossus, one of my favorite-ever PlayStation 2 games. It was also about a little guy killing giant things, but unlike that title, which is ambiguous about whether or not you should be destroying these beasts, David is pretty confident that these geometric a-holes gotta die.

And killing them will not be at all easy.

So long, and thanks…



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