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David Bowie predicted the Apple Music future in 2003


David Bowie's futuristic vision didn't stop with sci-fi lyrics.
David Bowie's futuristic vision didn't stop with sci-fi lyrics.
Photo: Sonia Golemme/Flickr CC

David Bowie’s uncanny vision of the future didn’t stop with songs about holographic TVs or astronauts adrift in space.

More than a decade ago, the dynamic entertainer — who died Sunday at age 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer — predicted the music biz would look a lot like it does in the time of Apple Music.

David Bowie’s First Album In 10 Years Is Now Streaming Free On iTunes


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If it seems like David Bowie hasn’t released a decent album in years, it’s because he hasn’t: his last album, Reality, came out in 2003. A few weeks ago, though, the heterochromic androgyne began teasing songs from an upcoming album called The Next Day, to be released on March 12.

Can’t wait to hear it, though? You don’t have to. Just load up iTunes and David Bowie and you can stream the entire album for free, up until The Next Day’s March 12 release.

Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust era Bowie fans, or even Labyrinth era Bowie fans, take note: this album is very definitely what one would characterize as “late Bowie.”

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