Make Spotlight Sing: Use Dates To Search Your Files [OS X Tips]



You know what I miss? Those pre-defined search items that used to hang out over in the Finder sidebar window. You know, the ones that said, “Files Created Today” or “Yesterday” or what have you. They were super handy.

Turns out, you can get the same sort of search power right in Spotlight. All you need to know is a little syntax, and you’ll be looking for stuff created or modified on specific dates or within certain date ranges. There’s even a way to request stuff done before or after dates. Yay!

Find And Schedule Future Calendar Events Faster on Your iPhone [iOS Tips]



Many folks add events to their Calendar app on their iOS device the same way they’ve added events on paper since the way back days before smartphones and personal information managers. They flip to the date they want to add an event to, tap on the day, and then add it there.

This works, yes, but it can get tedious, with all the arrow tapping. What if your event is a couple years out? Even in month mode, tapping through 24 months is bound to get tedious.

There is, of course, an easier way.

iPhone 4S Shipping Times Now Down To Just A Few Days


Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 2.07.10 PM

Well, it’s been about three months, but Apple’s finally managing to get iPhone 4S online order ship dates down to a reasonable amount of time: just 3-5 business days. Nice one, especially considering just a couple weeks ago, shipping times were between one and three weeks at all times. No matter how much iPhone building capacity Apple seems to make, though, they can’t ever seem to make them fast enough. Bet that’s a problem the competition would like to have.