Everything We Know About Apple’s Secret HDTV On This Week’s CultCast



Our source within Apple has seen their secret new HDTV, and my friends, you are in for a treat. In this episode of The CultCast, we’re going to tell you every juicy bit of info our source told us.

Plus, AT&T will soon be offering you family data plans, we’ll tell you what we know.

And three apps enter, but only one can rule them all — don’t miss our favorite apps of the week!

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Molten-Hot iPads, Retina Display MacBooks, And More On This Week’s CultCast



Episode 5 of The CultCast just hit iTunes my friends, and this one is sure to give you a pleasant, tingly sensation.

This week we investigate the truth behind overheating new iPads; declare why new retina display MacBooks could be in your hands by summer; and new iPad data plans — why are some users chewing through their monthly caps in less than a week?

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Verizon Wants To Sell You 300MB Data Plan For Your iPhone for $20 Per Month



Verizon Wireless introduced a brand new data plan late last week that gives customers 300MB of data for just $20 per month. It’s available to customers in the mid-Atlantic region from August 18 to September 30, but is expected to roll-out permanently by this holiday season. For those who aren’t massive data consumers but would like to get a little bit of browsing for their bucks, it seems to be a great deal.