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Case study: How Dashlane tamed Cult of Mac’s password problem


Dashlane Business protects you with secure password management.
Dashlane Business protects your firm with secure password management and more.
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This password manager post is presented by Dashlane.

Cult of Mac has made no secret over the past couple of years that it favors Dashlane as its official password manager. We decided to whip up a little case study to help explain why that is.

Stolen and reused credentials are linked to 81% of hacking-related breaches businesses suffer, according to recent research. Studies show employees use the same password in an average of 13 different places. And that bad habit tends to be more prevalent in small businesses than in big ones. Even worse, when small businesses fall victim to breaches, as many as 60% of them don’t survive the attack, CyberCrime Magazine wrote last year.

That’s some pretty serious incentive to increase password security, don’t you think?

After recent hacks, tighten up your iPhone security the easy way


Use Dashlane password manager to double down on iPhone security.
Use Dashlane to double down on iPhone security.
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This iPhone security post is presented by Dashlane.

To say the least, Google Project Zero’s recent surprising report on the iPhone’s two-year vulnerability to website hacks dented Apple’s vaunted reputation for nearly bulletproof smartphone security.

To say the most (or something like it), this latest news of iPhone vulnerability deeply alarmed all of us. Or if it hasn’t, it should. It’s a reminder that threats are ever-present, potentially catastrophic — and not just for Android users anymore.

Guilty iCloud hacker sent to slammer


Celebgate hack
Christopher Brannan gets a prison sentence for his part in the crime.
Illustration: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

A judge sentenced a former high school teacher to 34 months in prison Friday after the man pleaded guilty to his role in the “Celebgate” hack of iCloud and other accounts.

Of those convicted for the high-profile hack, Christopher Brannan, 31, received the harshest sentence for breaching accounts. The attack led to the circulation of nude photos and videos of model Kate Upton, actress Jennifer Lawrence and others.

The dark web: Staying safe on the internet you don’t see


If hackers dump your personal data onto the dark web, you need to know about it. Dashlane Dark Web Monitoring can sound the alarm.
If hackers dump your personal data onto the dark web, you need to know about it.
Photo: sebastiaan stam/Pexels CC

This post is presented by Dashlane.

On the web you don’t see, hackers constantly upload lists of passwords, usernames, Social Security and phone numbers, addresses and other personal information every day. Do you know if your data is being bought and sold on the dark web? Using a service like Dashlane can give you the answer.