iPhone or Canon? A veteran photographer debates digital versus analog


"I’m tall and shy -- so I can’t be inconspicuous. That means a lot of my traditional portraits are shot from the side or the back," Marcolina says. In this 2009 shot, he was able to compose it carefully, because the subjects weren't facing him, and it expresses his "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" no-cropping philosophy for analog photography.

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During his 25-year career as a photographer, Dan Marcolina has captured moments of everyday despair and delight, from beaches and backyards to bus stations and wedding celebrations.

His work exhibits the ease of an inside joke or a knowing wink; the images are visual juxtapositions that live up to a high point of praise from Richard Avedon, who once commented that Marcolina makes images that aren’t “trying to be beautiful.”

How The iPad Is Revolutionizing Branding [Exclusive Book Excerpt]



Touchable design and tablet computers like Apple’s iPad are revolutionizing the way companies brand. This new platform demands a new way of thinking and designing and a radical shift in customer experience and understanding.

Cult of Mac got these exclusive excerpts from iPhone photography and design guru Dan Marcolina, also the author of iPhone Obsessed. His thoughts about where the world of iPad design is headed are part of the forthcoming fourth edition of  “Designing Brand Identity”  by Alina Wheeler. The book will be published in March, 2012.

Shoot Holiday Pics That Don’t Suck Thanks To “iPhone Obsessed” Author


@Dan Marcolina.
@Dan Marcolina.

If you’re in New York December 5, it would behoove you to stop by the West 14th store for a free workshop with Dan Marcolina.

Marcolina’s the guy behind the acclaimed iPhone photography book and app “iPhone Obsessed” (currently on offer for $3.99 in iTunes) and he’ll be sharing tips and tricks including how combining picture choice and multiple app processing can turn a simple snapshot into a statement.