Learn Microsoft Word 2011 [Deals]



Love it or hate it, Microsoft Word is one of the most ubiquitous apps around. If you write anything on a computer—Mac or PC—you’re going to have to have some interaction with MS Word.

Over the years, MS Word has become a lot more than “just a word processor” today it’s more like an electronic publishing tool. The thing is though, most people don’t know how to tap into all the power and tools in MS Word 2011.

You can change that with the Microsoft Word 2011 video course.

Become A Webdesign Master With Dreamweaver Essentials Course [Deal Ending]




Did you know the first version of WordPress was written using DreamWeaver? Yep, it’s true. Now you might not be interested in creating the next great CMS, but you might be interested in using Dreamweaver to create awesome websites. This is where Dreamweaver Essentials comes in. Over 7.5 hours and 100 hands-on lectures that will make you a DW rockstar.

More info on the Dreamweaver Essentials Course after the jump…

The iOS App Design Bundle [Last Chance!]


iPhone App Design 640

You know one of the secrets of great and productive designers? Great templates. Templates that don’t just look great, but are also flexible enough to make sure their project don’t look “cookie cutter”. Buttons, textures, backgrounds, design elements, layouts. A great designer has a slew of these stashed aside to pull out for a wide range of projects. Now, why should app developers be any different?

They shouldn’t. Which is what today’s deal is all about—The iOS App Design Bundle. Having great templates on hand to kick off your next iOS app project.

Learn MS Office 2011 for Mac [Deals]



Yeah it’s the set of apps we love to hate—Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. I know, it’s all be downhill since Word 6.0, but still MS Office is the standard for sending and receiving files. Myself, I’ve always liked Excel and I taught myself how to use Pivot Tables, but it wasn’t fun or easy. When I told other people “Oh, just use a Pivot Table and you can do all of that…” their response was “That’s too hard to learn, I’ll do it the way I’ve been doing it…”


So how would you like to tap into all the features of MS Office 2011? Really learn it inside and out? Now you can with today’s deal—Microsoft Office for Mac Video Training Bundle for only $79! That’s almost a 60% discount off the usual $196!

Mac Productivity Bundle—7 Apps And More [Ending Soon!]


The Mac Productivity Bundle - Cult of Mac Deals

You know what it takes to step up your game on your Mac? Apps. Great apps. This isn’t really news to you, is it? And one of the reasons that Cult of Mac brings you deals is so you can get a great deal on a great app. Recently we’ve had great-app-one-offs, you know one great app at one great price. Today we’re bringing you a slew of great apps at a fantastic price.

The Mac Productivity Bundle comes with 7 apps, two sets of icons & graphics, 6 ebooks on web development, and 4 WordPress themes for $50. I’ll understand if you don’t finish reading and go buy it.

Last chance! Deal ending soon!

Moxy Earbuds By BodyGuardz [Last Chance!]



Your music is important to you, so why use the crappy earbuds that came with your device? Oh sure, they are great as a backup pair to have in a drawer or your gear bag (in case you forget your good ones), but let’s face it, basic earbuds don’t do anyone’s music justice.

Today’s deal gives you the chance to get a great pair of earbuds for only $37! The BodyGuardz Moxy earbuds look great, sound great, and have touches like woven cloth cords that don’t tangle. What are you waiting for?

Please note: product can ONLY be shipped to the CONTINENTAL United States.

PDF Editor Pro Makes Editing PDFs Painless [Last Chance]



Are you ready to go paperless, but need a great way to convert your scans to editable text? Do you get lots of PDFs to review and need something with more oomph than Preview for edits, annotations, and changes? PDF is a great file format, but sometimes it’s frustrating when you need to do other stuff to them like convert them to another format, edit them, or pull out images or text for other documents. This is why you need PDF Editor Pro.

Regularly this is a $100 app, but it’s yours for $48 right now as a Cult of Mac Deal.

Learn HTML 5 & CSS Video Lessons [Last Chance]


CoM-HTML5 feature


It’s the next big thing. It’s what makes all the great—and cool—websites, not to mention powerful mobile apps (like LinkedIn’s new app for iOS). What is it? HTML 5 and CSS. Demand for HTML5-powered sites is going through the roof. Everyone wants an amazing site that behaves just like an app. The question is, do you know HTML 5? No? Now you can learn.

For only $49 you get 60 lectures with over 7 hours of video content on learning HTML5 and CSS brought to you by Udemy, one of the leaders in online video education. These lessons are taught by experts at Infinite Skills and start you right off at the beginning. Start with “basic” and get all the way to “amazing” at your own pace. You can watch, and re-watch, all the lessons as many times as you need. In fact, you have lifetime access to these lessons from Udemy, so you can always go back an get a refresher when you need it. How’s that for a deal? Only $49 and you can become a web wizard and start making the next big thing.

You ready to learn?