“Dear Apple, You Are Simply A Disgrace To The World Of Technology And To Engineering”



By now, I’m sure you may have heard about how U.S. Customs is holding all of the HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE phones hostage as they investigate allegations over patent infringement stemming from a ruling Apple won against HTC back in December. The ban essentially went into effect in April of 2012, but what most of us don’t understand is why the investigation at Customs? HTC has already created a work around for the infringement and even responded back in December about it:

Chinese Customs: Proview Has No Chance Of Banning iPad Shipments, We Love It Too Much



Proview Technology, which is currently suing Apple for its use of the “iPad” trademark in China, revealed yesterday that it is seeking a ban on all iPad shipments into and out of China. If successful, the move could delay Apple’s iPad 3 launch with the device unable to leave the Chinese factories in which it is assembled.

However, according to Chinese customs, Proview has no chance of blocking iPad shipments because customers just love it too much.

4 Ways to Get an iPad 2 Imported from the U.S.



Following the incredibly successful launch of the iPad 2 in the U.S., it seems that once again Apple is struggling to meet the demand for its highly sought-after tablet, and this could mean dreaded delays for international launch dates. If the iPad 2 doesn’t arrive on time in your country and you’re keen to get your mitts on the latest device soon, here are four ways of getting one imported from the U.S.