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Up your game with a new Keychron Q3 custom mechanical keyboard


Keychron's tenkyeless Q3 follows the popular Q1 and Q2 custom keebs.
Keychron's tenkyeless Q3 follows the popular Q1 and Q2 custom keebs releases.
Photo: Keychron

Keychron launched its Q3 80% tenkeyless (TKL) full metal custom mechanical keyboard on Tuesday. Following sold-out initial runs of its Q1 and Q2 customizable keebs, the Q3 is a full aluminum mechanical keyboard with gasket mount design. It features hot-swappable switches, a high-grade aluminum case, QMK/VIA mapping support and more, the company said.

10 things you should know about Google’s Gboard keyboard


Gboard is probably the best third-party keyboard on iOS.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Google now offers its very own keyboard for iOS, and it’s awesome. It’s packed full of useful features like glide typing and built-in search, and it has a clean and simple design that’s a pleasure to type on. It’s probably the best third-party keyboard on iPhone.

But there are 10 things you should know about Gboard before you get set up.

The Media Master Mac Bundle: Simply Edit And Create Content With 4 Insanely Useful Apps [Deals]



This Cult of Mac Deals offer brings you the ability to copy DVDs, record music, and convert media files from the comfort of your own home.

These 4 insanely useful apps will help you edit and create content simply – and all at a price that is easy to handle. The Media Master Mac Bundle is available for a limited time for 77% off the regular price – just $29.95.

Customize Your Text Replies To iPhone Calls When Busy [iOS Tips]


Never pass up an opportunity for potty humor.
Never pass up an opportunity for potty humor.

In our Ten Killer Tips for iOS 6 feature, we showed you how easy it is to reply to a phone caller with a text message in iOS 6. When the call comes in, tap on the little phone icon in the lower right and slide up. You’ll get the option to either reply with a message or have your iPhone remind you to call the person back later.

If you choose to reply with a text message, you get a couple of built in replies–Call you later, I’m on my way, What’s up–or you can type a custom message. Ever wanted to change those pre-written messages? I know I have. Here’s how.

Customize Your View In System Preferences [OS X Tips]



Mac OS X ships with a lot of default system preference panes and I have about 30 of these on my MacBook Air running Mac OS X Lion. There are an extra 11 preference panes that I’ve added by installing third-party apps. So out of a total of 41 preference panes there are more than six of these that I don’t really need or even use all that often.

Did you know that you can hide the preference panes that you don’t need? This will clear up your view when you launch System Preferences. You’ll only see what you need to see and I’ll show you how to do this in the tip for today.