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Hate the MacBook Pro notch? At least it won’t block your mouse cursor.


MacBook Pro notch won’t hinder mouse cursor movement
Good news: the MacBook Pro notch doesn’t hinder cursor movement.
Photo: Apple

The recently announced MacBook Pro models are the first with a screen notch. This raised questions about how the cursor handles the cutout. Will the cursor get stuck on the notch? Or will it pass through? Or automatically flow around?

Wonder no more: We have an official answer from Apple.

iPad Pro 2 mockup brings trackpad to Smart Keyboard


Does the iPad Pro need a trackpad?
Does the iPad Pro need a trackpad?
Photo: David Chapman

Apple could unveil a new iPad Pro 2 as soon as next Monday during its WWDC 2017 keynote. And if it does, we hope the company adds some new productivity features, like this Smart Keyboard with a trackpad.

In a new mockup that imagines what the new Smart Keyboard could look like, designer David Chapman shows why it would be a great idea.

Take another look:

How To Un-Clutter Your Mac’s Menu Bar [OS X Tips]


menu bar de-clutter

I swear, the more I learn about the Mac OS X operating system, the more there is to know!

There are so many little hidden key strokes on the Mac that help you do all sorts of things, and there’s really no way to find them out.

This little gem is something I just found out today, and I’ve been sending you OS X Tips for the better part of two years.

To get rid of the system menubar icons, you can drop into each System Preference pane and uncheck the “Show in Menu Bar” option, or you can just do this.

Increase The Size Of Your Mouse Pointer In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]


Zoom The Mouse Pointer

It used to be that if you wanted to increase the size of your mouse pointer, you’d hop into the Universal Access pane in the System Preferences and then click on the Mouse & Trackpad tab to find the Increase Cursor Size slider.

With OS X Mavericks beta, if you go looking for the Universal Access preferences pane, you’re out of luck. It’s called Accessibility now. However, if you know that much, and drop into it, you won’t find a Mouse & Trackpad tab.

So, in OS X Mavericks beta, if you want to increase the size of your mouse pointer, here’s what you have to do.

Make Your Mac’s Mouse Cursor Huge And Never Lose Track Of It Again [OS X Tips]


Obviously, not a Retina display, but you can't get that big mouse cursor into a screenshot.
Obviously, not a Retina display, but you can't get that big mouse cursor into a screenshot.

You ever do that thing where you have to move your mouse around, jiggling the little thing just to find the dang cursor? I do it all the time these days, with my smaller screen Macbook Air and the Mac Mini that’s connected to the HDTV across the room from me, since there’s so much going on onscreen that I often lose track of it.

There’s an easy way to fix this problem, and it involves the Accessibility options that come built right in to your Mac OS X system.