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Deals: Three Photo Effects Apps Worth $215 For Just $35!



Everyone wants to be an amazing photographer now days. That’s the reason why Apple updated the iPhone’s camera right? Unfortunately, taking breathtaking photos isn’t as easy as buying the new iPhone 4S and taking random pictures of the sun behind trees changing colors with the season. Don’t worry though, Cult of Mac is here to help you take your photography skills to the next level.

Whether you’re wanting to make a serious dent in the photography universe, or just trying to impress your friends on Instagram and Facebook, we got three amazing apps that will pour life into your photos. Best of all, the Mac Photo Effects FamilyPack Bundle gives you five licenses of FX Photo Studio Pro and five copies of ColorSplash Studio so you can spread the joy and give a couple copies to your friends so their pictures can look great too.

So what all is in this bundle worth $215 that you can get for $35?

How Cult of Mac Helped One Business Dream Come True



Every now and then you hear something that makes your heart bounce with pride, and recently we at Cult of Mac heard one of those things.

It turns out that a prototype iPhone case design we featured here back in March has become a real commercial product, thanks to its investors seeing it mentioned on our site.

We’re delighted that we were able to play our part in turning this business idea into reality. But we’ll let the guy who came up with it, Joey Chun, tell the whole story.

Best New Mac App Of 2010, As Voted By Our Readers: Postbox 2



In a pre-Christmas post, we asked Cult of Mac readers to vote for their favorite new Mac OS X app of 2010. As usual, by “new” we mean a brand new app, or a major update to an old app, that’s been released during the previous 12 months.

This years winner, by a considerable margin, was email client Postbox 2.

For those of you who’ve not tried it, Postbox is a feature-packed email client which combines some of the best ideas from web-based email and local email services. It’s an excellent tool for people who live and die by email, and who manage a large volume of messages across many different accounts.

Other apps that got a lot of mentions included Alfred, Sparrow and Reeder.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their comments. I’m already looking forward to all the new treasures we might discover during 2011 – and the new means we will have to discover them, the Mac App Store, which should be live in just a few hours from now.

How A London Student Built A Collection Of 22 Macs And More



This little lot (22 Macs, 2 PCs) belongs to London-based 21-year-old student Brent (who declined to give us his surname). It’s one of the latest pics in his Mactastic Flickr stream which is jam packed with Macs, iPods and iPads. Only some of them are pictured in use as doorstops.

Brent says: “You can put it down to just not having time to sell the older models every time I upgrade. As a result of this, I’ve gained a collection.”

His current working machines are a 27″ iMac and a MacBook Pro. He’s not got one of the new Airs yet but I’m pretty sure he’ll have one soon…