What Apple’s iPad 3 Keynote Icons Really Mean




Apple loves putting little Easter eggs in their invitations to tease fans about what to expect at their events. Along with some sly cryptic phrases that are meant to intrigue you without actually telling you jack squat, Apple sometimes includes a few app icons to give fans a hint about what’s coming. The iPhone 4S invitation had a “1” above the phone icon to denote that they would be announcing only one new phone. In their latest invitation, Apple has given us the picture of an iPad with three apps in the dock – Maps, Calendar, and Keynote – along with the phrase, “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

What does it mean!? Well, after taking a 30-minute online web course in Cryptology, I’m pretty much an expert at reading into Apple’s secret codings and here’s my break down of what to expect based on the secrets of the invitation icons.