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Run Windows apps on Mac seamlessly with this easy-to-use software


This $50 subscription to CrossOver+ makes Windows software accessible on Mac.
Make Windows software accessible on your Mac with CrossOver, now only $49.
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Mac users get plenty out of their computers, but things can get a little complicated when trying to incorporate Windows software. Now, you can eliminate those frustrations and maximize your Mac experience by picking up a subscription that supplies seamless access to your favorite Windows apps.

For those tired of the slowness of running Windows software on their Mac, meet the CrossOver Windows compatibility app. You can get a one-year subscription to it for only $49 (regularly $74). You won’t find a better price than this anywhere on the web.

Run Windows on your Mac as if it were a PC with this CrossOver discount


CrossOver lets you run Windows apps on your Mac.
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Have you ever seen a language app translator get frazzled? It happens often: Every language is filled with nuance, so copying and pasting a paragraph of text often results in funny mistranslations. Translating a language with algorithms is difficult, and computer languages are no different.

Run Windows programs on your Mac seamlessly with this $20 tool


CrossOver is an amazing productivity tool.
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Love them or hate them, Windows computers run many applications that are, unfortunately, unavailable on your Mac unless you want to deal with an emulator. If you want to use some Windows applications from the comfort of your Mac without struggling with an emulator, then CrossOver Windows App Liberator for Mac is what your computer needs.

And for just $19.99, you can get a one-year subscription that will allow you to run Microsoft programs on your Mac as easily as native software.

CrossOver runs Windows apps and games brilliantly on M1 Macs


CrossOver on M1 Mac
It's surprisingly snappy, even with all that emulation.
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It’s not possible to run Windows in Boot Camp on an M1 Mac, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run Windows apps. CrossOver allows Apple’s newest machines to run x86 software built for Microsoft’s platform.

And despite all the translation that’s required, it runs surprisingly well. So much so that you can use it to play action-packed online games on a MacBook Air that doesn’t even have a fan.

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The Mighty Mac Bundle
Score 10 Mac apps that will help you stay more organized, efficient and productive.
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Macs are mighty productivity machines, but they’re only as useful as the apps you install. It can be hard to know where to start, so this massively discounted bundle of top-tier productivity apps offers an easy choice for any Mac user.

Fortnite fans prepare for Upside Down as Stranger Things takes over


One of several portals now found in Mega Mall.
Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Fortnite players could soon find themselves transported to the Upside Down as Stranger Things begins its in-game takeover.

Gateways to the parallel universe, complete with floating spores, have started appearing in the Mega Mall area of Battle Royale. They won’t take you far for now — but that could soon change.

Fortnite 9.10 brings Hot Spots, big fixes, Jordan shoes


Fortnite Jordan
You can sport the freshest kicks in Fortnite 9.10.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest update is out a little earlier than anticipated, bringing new weapons, game modes, and more to Battle Royale.

The version 9.10 update also promises significant audio improvements and lots of bug fixes on mobile. There’s a new crossover with Jordan that brings cosmetics and game modes, too.