Here’s Where Your iPhone Got Lost Or Stolen [Feature]



I am not a psychic, but I have a good idea where you and your iPhone parted ways.

If you’re desperately seeking it on Craigslist, chances are you lost your device – or had it stolen – over the weekend, especially at night. And probably at some fun destination – shopping, the beach, a bar – or heading there on your usual means of transportation (the car, a gas station or parking lot, or bus).

Craigslist Just Got Sexy With Mokriya’s New Mobile App



There are many Craigslist apps out there, but let’s be honest, most of them suck. A new app for Craigslist on Android and iPhone has arrived, and it’s beautiful. It comes from Mokriya, the development company behind high profile apps like Path.

Mokriya’s app is officially licensed by Craigslist, and it’s available now for free in Google Play and the App Store.

The Best Places To Sell Your Old iPhone To Get An iPhone 5 [Guide]




Upgrading to the iPhone every year is costly, but if you keep your iPhone in great condition, you can always sell it right before the next iPhone comes out and use that to supplement the cost of upgrading.

Knowing the best place to sell your iPhone can be the tricky part because there are dozens of places you can go to as each vendor is different and will  offer you different methods and prices. Here are the best places to sell your iPhone now so you can get an iPhone 5.

Enjoy A Better User Experience With Craigslist for iPhone And iPad



We all love Craigslist, right? I mean, this plain text website has changed the way I live, at least. I’ve posted a home for sale, advertised for job openings, sold musical equipment, and bought more than my fair share of similar items through the basic website since the early 2000s. In a short time the service replaced newspaper classified ads as my go-to method of finding local stuff.

But it’s just. So. Ugly. And it’s got super tiny on the screen, even when you’re using an iPad to access it. Which is where Craigslist the app comes in.

Sell Your Used iPad, Violate Copyright Law? It Could Happen



It might be possible in the near future to violate copyright law simply by selling your old iPad 2 or iPod touch to a buyer from eBay or Craigslist, if a case soon to be seen in the Supreme Court goes horribly wrong. The Supreme Court has been asked to examine a lower court decision to prevent the sale of used electronics without securing permission from copyright holders involved in manufacturing the devices.

You Can Now Pick Up A 2011 MacBook Pro For Just $200… If You Don’t Mind Bullet Wounds [Update]


"There's a hole in my MacBook, dear Liza, dear Liza."

There are a long list of advantages that come with owning a Mac, but premium machines come with premium price tags. As such, we’re always on the lookout for fantastic deals on Apple’s latest releases, and we’ve found a terrific one on Craigslist. For just $200, you can pick up a late-2011 13-inch MacBook Pro with a 2.4GHz Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM.

There’s only one caveat: You’ll have to work around six massive bullet wounds.

Scammers Are Gluing Together Frankenstein iPhones Out Of Old Broken Parts Then Selling Them As New


iFixit isn't the culprit, but some crooks are taking the guts of old iPhones and making new, Frankenstein iPhones out of them.
iFixit isn't the culprit, but some crooks are taking the guts of old iPhones and making new, Frankenstein iPhones out of them.

“Unopened! Still sealed in original retail box!” cry the Craigslist ads advertising “new” iPhones and iPads at lower-than-retail prices, but the truth is far more insidious: many of the “new” iPhones you see on Craigslist and eBay are actually old, used iPhones repackaged and sold as new using the hardware equivalent of meat glue.

Want To Cut The iPad Lines? Bid For A Spot On eBay



While some people say that waiting in line for hours just to buy a new tablet is stupid, other humans have this weird determination to be the first to everything. Every year we see people selling their spots at the front of launch lines, but it looks like selling your position in queue has become a bit more sophisticated. Apple fans are now selling their spots in line on EBay in an effort to maximize visibility and hopefully the selling price.

Craigslist Ad: Wanted, Steve Jobs Look-Alike


Someone is looking for a Steve Jobs look-alike, like this guy, who was snapped at the San Francisco Dyke March in 2008 by photographer/comic Heather Gold. 

Someone is looking for a Steve Jobs look-alike for an “impersonator event” on Friday and Saturday in San Francisco’s SOMA — the area around Macworld.

The actual job isn’t specified, but looking like Steve is important, of course, but so is “punctuality.”

“If necessary, we can provide a black turtleneck and glasses,” the Craigslist ad says.

Pay is $100 a day. Wanna bet it’s handing out Gold Club flyers?

Full text of the Craigslist ad after the jump and check out our Gallery of Uncanny Steve Jobs Look-Alikes