Hong Kong Court Sides With Apple, Dismisses Evidence In Proview Case


Proviews bid to sue Apple for $400 million just hit a hurdle.
Proviews bid to sue Apple for $400 million just hit a stumbling block.

Proview’s legal battle against Apple over the use of the “iPad” trademark continues to drag on, but things haven’t quite gone to plan for the Chinese company. A Hong Kong court has sided with Apple and agreed that some of Proview’s evidence should be excluded from the case after it failed to comply with the court’s instructions.

Warrants And Investigations Increasingly Focus on iPhones And iPads


iPhones and iPads increasingly subjects of forensic investigations

When most of us here words like forensics, we picture an episode of CSI or NCIS. We think of ballistics results form a murder scene or fingerprints on a gun. An iPhone or iPad isn’t the first automatic visual that comes to mind. Yet more and more iPhones and iPads are becoming the subjects of forensic investigations according to warrants issued via the U.S. federal court system.