Apple teams up with Salesforce to deliver better business apps for iOS


Salesforce iOS
The redesigned Salesforce app will bring exclusive features to iOS next year.
Photo: Apple

Apple has entered into a new partnership with Salesforce to deliver new iOS apps focused on business.

Salesforce is redesigning its app and adding exclusive new features as part of the deal, while Apple has vowed to provide tools and resources to help millions of Salesforce developers create their own native apps for iOS.

Apple will expand its corporate reach by teaming with HP Enterprise


Apple enterprise
Apple’s push into the corporate world continues.
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Apple plans to expand its presence in the corporate sector by teaming with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the United Kingdom, a new job listing reveals.

Similar partnerships are already in place with the likes of IBM, Cisco, and SAP. Apple is now seeking a strategic partner manager who will lead its new efforts with HPE from London.

Apple switches tactics after U.S. tax changes


What’s it like to have your startup bought by Apple? Stressful
What’s it like to have your startup bought by Apple? Stressful
Photo illustration: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is cutting back on the purchasing of corporate bonds as it prepares to bring home overseas cash. Changes to tax laws in the United States mean Apple no longer needs to hold so much money in foreign countries. Alphabet and Oracle are also cutting back.

Apple Plummets To 42 On This Year’s List Of 50 Happiest Companies To Work For



Last year, Apple acheived spot number 15 on CareerBliss’s list of the top fifty happiest companies. This year, Apple came in at a near-bottom 42. What happened?

The list pulls info from anonymous job satisfaction reports that can be submitted to the CareerBliss site, not the most scientifically valid of methods. However, as TUAW notes, the average reported salary for Apple employees dropped from $59,559 per year to $57,269 per year this past year. Maybe that had something to do with it.

Developer Survey Shows iOS Surging Ahead Of Android In The Enterprise [Report]


Mobile management is no longer about just device management. App management is now a crucial part of the equation as well.
What's next, Angry Birds: Corporate Edition?

According to a new survey from Appcelerator, a mobile analytics and development company, developers for mobile platforms are moving to the enterprise market. When asked to choose one mobile operating system is best for the enterprise market in this year’s survey, the majority picked iOS (53 percent) over Android (38 percent). This is in marked contrast to last year’s survey, in which the platforms tied at 44 percent.

Billionaire Richard Branson: Steve Jobs Broke All The Rules I Believe In


Branson in 2010 at a NYC event. (Photo by david_shankbone -
Branson in 2010 at a NYC event. (Photo by david_shankbone -

Don’t you go all warm when a billionaire able to pal around with lions and tigers jumps all over how Steve Jobs led Apple? Seems Richard Branson would roll differently as Apple CEO. No yelling at employees or being such a control freak. Yep, the Virgin Group CEO would create a kindler, gentler Apple right from the pages of “I’m OK, You’re OK.”