The Velvet Rope Meets The iPad In New Check-In App


Check-In by Or Multimedia simplifies event guest/attendee registration and management.
Check-In by Or Multimedia simplifies event guest/attendee registration and management.

Planning and managing a business event can mean anything from hosting a small cocktail party to putting on international conferences and conventions and everything in between. Three of the key parts of any event, however, are invitations or registration in advance of the event, guest/attendee check-in at the actual event, and professional follow-up afterward.

Or Multimedia of London decided to make the guest/attendee management part of events simpler and more streamlined when it launched its Event Check-In Pro app for the iPad last year. With the success of that launch, the company retooled its app to offer two difference feature sets – standard and pro – and a range of pricing options.

The updated app, which hit the App Store late last month, offers a range of features that can be used for handling one-day workshops or week-long multi-session conferences.

CES 2012 Preview: What To Expect


CES Press Pass screenshot

The biggest tech trade show in the U.S. is just a week away. And while Apple doesn’t officially take part in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), its influence will be everywhere.

Take Ultrabooks, for example — the PC industry’s answer to the hyper-successful MacBook Air. Attempting to catch up, Apple’s rivals will be showcasing 30 to 50 new models at CES.

There’s also the iLounge pavilion, a section devoted to Apple-related products, which has grown huge this year. The iLounge has balooned from 4,000 square feet in 2008 to 85,000. We think there’ll be plenty to report on, so we’re blowing out CES 2012 in a big way. We’re sending six reporters to Las Vegas, bringing you all the news here on Cult of and our sister blog, Cult of

We expect a ton of new peripherals, apps and add-ons. There’s plenty more going on, from new smart TVs to smartphone-friendly cars. Here’s what to expect from the show: