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The wait for Tropico on iOS is almost over


Tropico for iOS
You’ll be able to play it first on iPad.
Photo: Feral Interactive

Popular construction simulator Tropico finally has a release date for iOS. You’ll be able to play it before the end of the year on your iPad and in 2019 on your iPhone.

Pre-order the game today to have it download automatically as soon as it hits the App Store.

How iPad saves one company $1.8 million every year


Construction company enjoys iPad savings in time and money.
The iPad savings for Rogers-O’Brien Construction aren't just money; there's also less frustration.
Screencap: Rogers-O’Brien

Building construction is an immensely complex process. The firm Rogers-O’Brien uses hundreds of iPads to simplify it, while saving 55,000 hours of employee time and $1.8 million annually.

All the paperwork involved is stored in the cloud where it can be accessed at any time. This means someone in the office can make a change and the people in the field can immediately see the updated document.

Apple’s new Chicago store roof looks like a giant MacBook


Chicago Apple Store
The new Apple Store in Chicago.
Photo: DNAinfo/David Matthews]

Construction on Apple’s new flagship store in Chicago is nearing completion this week as crews were spotted adding a finishing touch to the roof that wasn’t in the original plans.

Early renderings of the metallic roof for the Michigan Ave store showed a pretty plain looking roof, but a new Apple logo has been added to the top and it makes the entire roof look like a giant MacBook.

Check it out:

NYC Apple store’s glass cube will be dismantled


Hopefully the glass cube comes back.
Photo: Simone Lovati/Flickr CC

Apple’s giant glass cube in New York City is about to come crashing down.

The iPhone-maker’s most iconic retail store is set for major renovations this year, and according to a new filing, the glass cube is scheduled to be dismantled and removed.

Drone footage shows crews racing to finish Apple Park by April


Apple Park
Apple's spaceship campus still isn't ready for its grand opening.
Photo: Igor America

Apple employees are set to move into the Apple spaceship campus just next month, but based on the recent drone footage there’s still a lot of work to be done on Apple Park.

Crews can be seen finishing construction and landscaping work in the new aerial footage. While the tunnel, parking structures, fitness center and side buildings look nearly completely, the Steve Jobs theater doesn’t look ready to host a keynote yet.

Flyover reveals Apple Park is still dirty ahead of April opening


The spaceship is almost move-in ready.
The spaceship is almost move-in ready.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Apple is set to move into its new spaceship campus next month, but based on the latest drone video of the construction site, there’s still a lot of work left to do.

The grounds of Apple Park are still littered with construction crews working on everything from landscaping to solar panels. Tim’s big beautiful pile of dirt has been spread throughout the site and some new trees are finally being planted.

Check it out:

Apple’s spaceship campus gets closer to launch in latest drone vid


Landscaping on Apple's HQ is still underway.
Landscaping on Apple's HQ is still underway.
Photo: Matthew Roberts/YouTube

Cupertino has been soaked with rain the last few days which has made construction on Apple’s spaceship campus messy work in the latest drone video showing the headquarter’s progress.

Smaller structures are starting to take shape inside the infinite loop, while construction of the solar roof is about 65% complete. The first of hundreds of large trees have finally brought in as landscaping continues on the property. Crews have nearly finished burying the main tunnel to the parking lots which are now starting to be used.

Check out all the details:

World’s first HomeKit community springs up in San Jose


HomeKit is now getting packaged into new homes.
HomeKit is now getting packaged into new homes.
Photo: KB Home

Apple’s HomeKit platform is set to power an entire community currently under construction in San Jose.

Real estate development firm KB Home revealed today that its new community, Promenade at Communications Hill, will be the first ever in the US to have HomeKit technology built-in, providing a seamless experience from the foundation up.

iOS 6 Maps App Offers Roadwork Alerts To Help You Avoid Traffic Jams


Isn't that helpful!
Isn't that helpful!

Here’s a handy feature in Apple’s new Maps app in iOS 6: When you’re traveling and you get near to roadworks, or there are roadworks ahead of you, Maps will throw up a new roadworks icon to alert you to them. What’s makes this feature really awesome is that you can then tap on that icon to find out more about the construction, including its start and description.