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Tim Cook will tour Idaho schools with Ivanka Trump


Tim Cook talks diversity, sustainability, and coming out as gay
Cook’s award shelf is quickly running out of room.
Photo: Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook will join Ivanka Trump today to visit schools in Idaho to observe how they use technology for workforce development and STEM initiatives.

The meet-up with Ivanka Trump will come hours after Apple stock prices fell thanks to plans by her father, President Donald Trump, to slap new tariffs on iPhones. Trumps daughter is an advisor in his administration.

Armani is latest designer brand to take on Apple Watch


Armani Connected Watch
One of Armani's upcoming Connected watches.
Photo: Emporio Armani

Emorio Armani is the latest designer fashion brand that fancies its chances against the Apple Watch.

The Italian company unveiled its first smartwatch collection, powered by Google’s Android Wear platform, at Milan Fashion Week over the weekend — but neglected to mention any prices.

Can TAG Heuer help Android Wear defeat Apple Watch?


Or is the TAG Heuer Connected destined to fail?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

When it comes to smartwatch sales, Apple Watch has well and truly embarrassed the entire Android Wear ecosystem, even though it hasn’t spent anywhere near as long on the market. But with Google’s platform getting a high-profile supporter this week, is it time for change?

Friday-Night-Fights-bug-2TAG Heuer’s new Connected is the first smartwatch from a luxury watchmaker, giving consumers a high-end alternative to the Apple Watch. It has beautiful hardware, great specifications, and even comes with an upgrade program that lets buyers swap it for a traditional TAG watch when it’s no longer useful.

So, is this the device Android Wear needs to mount a threat against Apple’s popular wearable?

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight between Cult of Android and Cult of Mac as we battle it out over that very question!

Obama Praises Apple During State Of The Union Address



President Barack Obama may not be able to use an iPhone for security reasons, but that doesn’t mean he can’t praise the work Apple is doing.

In his State of the Union address to the American people Tuesday, Obama credited a number of technology companies — Apple included — for helping with his ConnectED program, which aims to improve Internet access at schools across the U.S.

New Nikon D3200 SLR Connects To iPad Over Wi-Fi


Thank God this thing also comes in black

We’ve been banging on about connecting proper cameras to the internet for quite a while now, and it seems that at last these cameras are starting to catch up to the world of smartphone cameras. Nikon’s new D3200 SLR updates the D3100 with some slightly better specs, but the big news is that it can be used with an optional Wi-Fi unit for sending photos to your iPhone, iPad, or whatever piece of junk you use instead.

If you’re thinking “Whatever, Charlie. This is Nikon. How much does this thing cost?” then I have your answer. A surprisingly cheap $60. That’s way less than an Eye-Fi card, and hopefully it’s way more reliable.