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Not everyone is alarmed to see Jony Ive leave Apple


AirPower is one of Jony Ive’s most notable recent failures.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

While Jony Ive’s departure from Apple is being called “the end of an era,” not everyone is sad to see him go. This company’s Chief Design Officer has legions of fans but he also has detractors who blame Ive for repetitive designs, flawed keyboards and more.

Users Complain Of ‘Green Glow’ Plaguing iPhone 5 Display


Does your iPhone 5 display glow green?

The iPhone 5’s been on sale for three weeks now, and as is always the case with a device this popular, a long list of defects is already building up. There’s Maps, of course — though that’s not really exclusive to the iPhone 5 — the purple haze that sometimes appears in photos, and the black model is susceptible to chips and scratches.

And now some users are reporting that an odd green glow, described as “plasma bleed,” is plaguing the handset’s display.

Preliminary Reports Surface About iPhone 4S Screen Quality Issues


Credit: chr0m
Credit: chr0m

There is an open discussion on Apple’s discussion forum where iPhone 4S owners are reporting problems they are having with their new phones display. The majority of complaints are about how the display has a yellow tint which is especially clear when you place the iPhone 4S next to an iPhone 4. There are other lesser complaints about color washouts and contrast in the same discussion thread.