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ColorWare gives AirPods 3 a super-pretty paint job, but it’ll cost you


ColorWare paints AirPods 3
Prices start at a whopping $319.
Photo: ColorWare

ColorWare is now offering Apple’s newest AirPods in much prettier, more colorful designs. You can choose how you want yours to be painted, but be warned that you’ll have to cough up a lot more to stand out.

Prices start at a rather eye-watering $319 — up from just $179 when you buy AirPods in white — and that price covers only the AirPods buds themselves. It rises even higher if you want a colorful charging case as well.

Give your AirPods Pro a custom paint job


ColorWare customizes AirPods Pro
ColorWare can make a set of AirPods Pro uniquely yours.
Photo: ColorWare

Apple sells AirPods Pro in any color you want, as long as it’s white. But ColorWare brings some style to these in-ear headphones. The company offers 64 color options, and shoppers can decorate each AirPod differently.

The case can even be a third color.

Colorware Your Old MacBook Using Fabric Dye



Have you ever wanted one of those custom, Pantone-colored MacBook, but don’t want to pay the guys over at Colorware an $800 premium to make your device look like Jonny Ive and Punky Brewster’s illicit love sprog?

Well, the good news is that you can actually do it yourself in your own kitchen. The bad news is that for most of us, the process is so complicated and so likely to end in user error that while you’ll still save over Colorware’s $800 premium, you’ll still have to spend a few hundred bucks replacing your machine.

ColorWare Will Now Paint Your iPad 2




ColorWare is famous for taking gorgeous new gadgets and giving them a nice lick of paint. The company is now painting iPad 2s for those that don’t like the original look, but as usual you’ll pay a high price for a customized device.

Prices start at $900 for a 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad, which increases to $1,100 for the 64GB model. If you want a 3G capable device, prices start at $1,030 and rise to $1,230 for the 16GB and 64GB models respectively. Alternatively you can send in your own iPad and have it painted for $400.

It’s certainly not a cheap service, but ColorWare does a fantastic job of customizing your device. You can have the body, antenna, logo and home button painted in a variety of weird and wonderful colors; using either solid, metallic or pearl paint. You can also have your whole device coated in a soft touch finish for an additional $55.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Colorware is Now Painting 4th Gen iPod Touches



As usual when Apple releases a new device, Colorware is now letting bloggers know that those who aren’t happy with their new fourth-generation iPod Touch’s stock look can now come over to their website, pick your colors and let them hussy it up for you.

Like all of Colorware’s services, getting your iPod Touch slathered in hues will prove expensive: it will cost you $150 if you provide your own iPod Touch, or $380 for the 8GB model if you decide to buy directly from them.

Paying that much to get your iPod Touch painted seems a little bit nutty to us. There’s no doubt that Colorware’s a quality service… it’s just that a skin or color case offers almost as much customization, is infinitely cheaper and doesn’t need to be submerged in turpentine to remove.

Colorware Adds A Grip To Your iPad



For years, Colorware has made a business by taking the prized gadgets of individuals with — perhaps — more money than taste and slathering them in multi-chromatic hues as if they were color-blind hussies. It’s strange, then, to see them entering the iPad case market, but so they are with their latest product: Grip for iPad.