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AirBase Charging Dock
Charge your iPhone, Watch, and AirPods in this compact wireless dock.
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The savings haven’t stop yet this long Memorial Day weekend! In addition to some well-deserved time off, why not shop without breaking the bank? We’ve got limited-time deals on a three-in-one wireless charging dock and more. Check these deals out:

Apple ramps up efforts to promote coding to kids in India


iPhone sales are showing signs of life in India
Apple has been focusing increasingly on the Indian market.
Photo: Apple

Apple is ramping up its efforts to promote coding in India, one of its biggest untapped markets.

According to a new report, Apple is actively nurturing young talented coders in schools and colleges across India. These Apple Distinguished Schools teach curriculums based around Swift app development.

Apple Developer Academy offers a 1-year boot camp in coding


Apple coding initiative
Apple has long pushed the importance of coding.
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Remember Rocky IV, where Rocky heads to the wilderness to get himself into peak physical condition to battle Ivan Drago?

Well, Apple’s Developer Academy is kind of the same thing — only instead of preparing for a championship fight, you’re getting a free one-year course in app development. Oh, and you’ll even get access to the necessary iPhones and Macs for good measure.

Name your price for 13 comprehensive coding courses [Deals]


Name your price for over a dozen comprehensive courses covering all areas of coding.
Name your price for over a dozen comprehensive courses covering all areas of coding.

Coding is a vast discipline, so there’s always something new to learn. That can be intimidating, or exhilarating, because it means there’s always room to improve your resume and pay grade. Either way, this loaded bundle of courses offers an invaluable leg up to any coding career.

Tim Cook warns government can’t save us from climate change


Tim Cook and Co. bring the hardware heat at The Brooklyn Academy of Music during the
Businesses need to step up to help fight climate change, per Tim Cook.
Photo: Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook made an appearance at the TIME 100 Summit in New York City today where he spoke about leadership and innovation.

Cook sat down with Time managing editor Nancy Gibbs who asked about everything from education to privacy policy. Of course, politics came up as well. While Cook refrained from talking about his conversations with Donald Trump, he did warn the crowd that some issues like global warming are too big for us to rely on the government to fix.

Hacker knits Mac ROM scarves to boot up your fashion game


Mac ROM scarves
Code to keep your neck warm.
Photo: KnitYak

You could safely assume that computer hackers and people who knit have little to talk about. One activity is clearly analog and seemingly old-fashioned while the other pre-occupies the mind of a tech geek.

Fabienne Serriere blows up that assumption by being both. She combines the two rather different activities to make eye-catching scarves imprinted with Mac ROM code.

Here’s how Apple’s celebrating International Women’s Day


Apple female coders 1
Apple has teamed up with a nonprofit to help teach young women to code.
Photo: Apple

To coincide with International Women’s Day, Apple has partnered with the nonprofit “Girls Who Code.” The partnership aims to expand learning opportunities for young women.

To do this, Apple is providing its Swift-focused “Everyone Can Code” curriculum to club leaders across the U.S. to help expand the number of coding clubs. This will ultimately benefit up to 90,000 young women.

Apple has paid out $25 billion to European developers


Apple removes 17 malware apps which secretly clicked on ads
Apple has paid out a whole lot to Euro developers.
Photo: Apple

It’s not just U.S. developers who are hitting it rich thanks to the App Store. According to new figures released by Apple, it has now paid out $25 billion through the App Store to European developers.

Last June, Apple reported having paid out more than $20 billion. Almost an extra $5 billon in seven months is pretty darn impressive — working out at upward of $70 million per month.

Apple teams with nonprofit to help underrepresented groups enter tech industry


Dream Corps
Apple wants to teach the world to code.
Photo: Apple

Apple is partnering with Dream Corps to help men and women from “underrepresented backgrounds [to] find success in the tech sector.”

The Oakland, California-based nonprofit is behind the initiative #YesWeCode. This project aims to increase opportunities in tech companies. With Apple’s support, it’s now got a tech giant in its corner.