Reach inbox zero with a simple browser extension [Deals]


Throttle Pro
Control who sees your email address and what ends up in your inbox using this simple browser plug-in.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The inbox is a hazardous place. Full of important information and conversations, it also harbors loads of spam from people you’ve never met or even heard of. After a few days, the sheer volume of new emails can become overwhelming. That makes it all the harder to reach the fabled place called “inbox zero.”

A simple browser extension called Throttle Pro can help you get there. It prevents your email address from falling into spammers’ hands (among other useful tricks). And right now you can get a year of Throttle Pro for just $39 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Focus Fades Non-Active Apps Into The Background



I find the idea of “distraction-free” writing apps to be bunk: after all, why on Earth would the presence or lack of a menubar make any difference to your ability to concentrate? I am, however, a sworn enemy of clutter, and so I immediately downloaded the $0.99 Focus app, which is kind of like a virtual rug under which you can sweep your mess of Mac application windows.

Keep The Small Stuff In Your Bag Organized Neatly With Cocoon’s Grid-It [Review]



You know what I hate? Detangling the cables, chargers, headphones, and other electronic accoutrements that always weave themselves into a ball while stored in my backpack.

Cocoon, makers of the Grid-It “ultimate organizer,” want to solve that problem. The Grid-It ($20), stows your accessories against a flat surface, all held tidily in place with a series of interwoven elastic bands. That sounds a heckuvalot better than what I’m doing. So with Earpods, chargers, and lightning cables in hand, I put one to the test to see how well it works.

De-Clutter Your Desktop For Better Organization With Desktoday [OS X Tips]



If you’re anything like me, you leave all your files in one big clump on the Desktop for later “sorting.” Then, again if you’re like me, you put all these files into a hastily constructed “Sort Me” folder right before you connect the projector for that big presentation you have to do so no one sees just how many LOL cat pictures you have. Right? No? Ok, skip the LOL cat part. Today’s tip is a “search-not-organize” user’s dream, allowing the best of both worlds.

Hide That Cluttered Desktop with Camouflage [OS X Tips]


Camouflage App

Sick of all those icons cluttering up your Desktop? Need to give a presentation at work but don’t want your boss seeing all the imgur images you downloaded during the sales meeting? This two dollar app from the Mac App Store may be just what you need to de-clutter and hide all those pesky Desktop icons.