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One year in, Amazon Luna+ cloud gaming is fun but limited [Review]


Amazon Luna brings console-quality games to iOS and iPadOS.
Amazon Luna+ lets Mac, iPad and iPhone play console games. The technology is brilliant -- game selection is less so.
Image: Amazon

You don’t need a console to play console games. Amazon Luna+ lets Mac, iPad and iPhone play top-quality titles with an external controller.

It’s been exactly a year since the cloud-gaming service launched, so I revisited Luna+ to see how it’s evolved. There’s a lot to like, but some significant limitations too.

Google Stadia shutdown means less console action for Apple gamers


Google Stadia for iOS is going into public beta testing soon.
RIP Google Stadia: Apple users lose an option to play console games.
Photo: Google/Cult of Mac

Google Stadia cloud gaming service is being shut down. It allowed Mac, iPad and iPhone users to play console-quality games, but its developer admits it never found an audience.

Other cloud-gaming services remain, including Microsoft’s online version of Xbox and Amazon Luna.

This iPhone game controller is designed for Xbox Cloud Gaming [Review] ★★★★


This iPhone game controller is designed for Xbox Cloud Gaming [Review]★★★★
You're ready to play Xbox Cloud Gaming on your iPhone with the RiotPWR Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition).
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

RiotPWR teamed up with Microsoft on an Xbox-licensed game controller for iPhone. It’s nearly identical to one of Microsoft’s own but the RiotPWR Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) connects through a Lightning cable and includes a mount to hold your handset. And it comes with a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to get you started playing console games online.

I’ve enjoyed a couple of weeks of gaming on RiotPWR’s iPhone controller. Here’s why.

Experts say Apple is missing out on the cloud gaming boom


Cloud gaming is taking off in a big way, and Apple isn't part of it.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple is missing out on another major revenue stream by ignoring cloud gaming services, according to market experts.

While rivals like Amazon, Nvidia and Microsoft are reaping the rewards of a gaming industry boom that’s only expected to get bigger, Apple is leaving money on the table. But there is a simple way it could enjoy a piece of the pie.

Facebook’s cloud gaming service finally launches on iPhone


Facebook’s cloud gaming service finally launches on iPhone and iPad
After over a year of delays, the real Facebook Gaming service is available for iPhone and iPad.
Image: Cult of Mac

Add Facebook to the list of companies offering a gaming service for iPhone. There’s a lengthy list of titles available on day one, including strategy, role playing, trivia and other types of games.

But don’t look for these in the App Store — Apple’s stringent rules on gaming services caused Facebook Gaming to be introduced as a web app instead.

Now anyone can play Xbox games on iPhone and iPad


Xbox Cloud Gaming for iPad and iPhone
The wait is over. iPad and iPhone users can now enjoy Xbox Cloud Gaming, which includes 100+ console-quality games.
Photo: Microsoft

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available for any iPhone, iPad or Windows 10 user who wants it. It’s been in invite-only beta testing for months, but now all that’s required is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to start using the gaming service, which allows users to play 100+ console-quality games.

Xbox cloud gaming for Safari rolls out to everyone soon


Xbox Cloud Gaming for iPad and iPhone
A public launch is scheduled "in the next few weeks."
Photo: Microsoft

The ability to play Xbox games in Safari on your iPhone and iPad will soon be available to everyone.

Microsoft this week confirmed its new cloud streaming web app, which has been in beta testing since April, will roll out “in the next few weeks.” What’s more, it’s soon going to get even more powerful.

Game on! Microsoft starts Xbox Cloud for iPhone and iPad public testing


Xbox Cloud Gaming for iPad and iPhone
iPad and iPhone users will soon begin testing Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing them to play 100+ console-quality games.
Photo: Microsoft

Lucky beta testers will get first access to Xbox Cloud Gaming this week. This allows subscribers to play 100+ console-quality games on an iPad or iPhone.

Apple put restrictive rules on cloud-gaming services wanting to appear in the App Store. Microsoft’s solution was to create a web app for its service.

Google Stadia makes iPad gaming competitive with top consoles [Review]


Google Stadia on iPad review
With Google Stadia, your iPad can run console-quality games.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Google Stadia could be the answer for anyone who wants to play console-quality games on an iPad. There are many big-name titles to choose from, and players can use off-the-shelf game controllers. This is cloud gaming — everything is played online so the service doesn’t take up space on your iPad.

I spent quite a bit of time playing Stadia games on an Apple tablet. Here’s why I recommend it.