The AWS Course: Be The Best Host Out There With Amazon Web Services [Deals]



Cloud computing is quickly becoming the standard method of creating scalable, manageable Web Application Services. Today Cult of Mac Deals is offering a course that will give you an in-depth walkthrough on how to utilize the wide range of cloud computing services that Amazon provides.

You’ll learn what is available in AWS, and how to use it effectively for your own needs. After you start by learning exactly what cloud computing is, and why you should be using it, you will be shown all the wonderful features that AWS brings to your digital life. And Cult of Mac Deals has this course for only $19 – a savings of 61%!

The MacMate Pro Plan: 100GB Of Cloud Storage For Two Years [Deals]


CoM - MacMate

Let’s face it … you can never have enough storage. With all of the media we’re using these days and essential backups we’re trying to keep, the more storage we have the better off we’ll be. The “cloud” is becoming increasingly useful for this – and this Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to give you the opportunity to have a whole lot of it with MacMate.

This 2 year MacMate Pro plan covers more than just cloud storage. It’s going to cover your web hosting, file sharing, email, graphic galleries, and much more. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $59 – a savings of 85%!

What Is Steve Jobs Announcing Monday? Here’s The Scoop About iCloud & Time Capsules [Exclusive]



Apple has already revealed that Steve Jobs will talk about iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion during his WWDC keynote on Monday morning.

In addition, it’s rumored that Apple’s wireless Time Capsule backup/router will get a big update.

Here’s how iCloud and the new Time Capsule will work, according to a source close to the company who asked not be identified. It’s pretty surprising:

Flexy, Powerful Cloud Service Challenges Dropbox


spot documents

We’re pretty big on Dropbox here at the Cult, and it’s handiness as a transfer/storage utility for Macs and iDevices alike hasn’t really been challenged. That is, till now.

Spot Documents works with the same basic idea: Its free OS X or iOS apps can be used to upload a user’s e-junk to Spot Document’s cloud — in this case, hosted on Amazon’s S3 servers — where it’ll be stored and made available for download/viewing. The difference is that where Dropbox is pretty slim on options, Spot Documents seems to be substantially more powerful: Spotlight-like search, full previews even on iDevices, and the ability to play around with access options for multiple users. And more.

Unreliable MobileMe Remains a “Hobby” for Apple [Opinion]



I want to like MobileMe.  It’s the Apple-sanctioned slice of cloud computing, integrated with the Mac and iOS operating systems.  The setup is simple, the price is reasonable, and despite the unprofessional name and lack of phone support, when all is humming along things just work.

Except MobileMe doesn’t keep working.  It stops syncing.  It loses data.  And Apple provides little or no advance warning of potential problems, nor easy ways to fix issues that occur.  Apple TV may have moved on to a professional product stage with the latest iteration, but from a business perspective MobileMe is still a “hobby” for Apple.