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Best clipboard manager apps for iPhone and iPad


Typing out the same strings of text over and over? Let these clipboard management apps make your life a lot easier.
Typing out the same strings of text over and over? Let these clipboard management apps make your life a lot easier.
Photo: Ally Kazmucha/The App Factor

app-factor-logo-thumbnailDo you frequently find yourself repeating the same blocks of text in emails? Or maybe you send certain sets of data, contact information or links on a regular basis. Text snippet and clipboard apps are lifesavers for anyone that finds themselves doing this. Many of them can not only capture and save from the clipboard, but make your most frequently used selections available in just a swipe.

These are currently my favorites when it comes to clipboard and text snippet apps, and why I’d recommend them.

Quickly Save Text From The Web To Your Desktop [OS X Tips]


Click to see animation.
Click to see animation.

Ever been surfing the web and find a nice bit of text you want to save? You can highlight the text with your cursor, copy, and paste into an app like Text Edit or Notes, sure, but maybe you just want a quick and easy way to put the bit of text aside to use later.

There’s no need to bother with opening an app and pasting in the text in OS X. Text clipping has been around for quite a while, but it’s a feature that we rarely use, for one reason or another.

Apple & Samsung Face Off In New Windows Phone Commercial [Video]



It looks like Microsoft has been taking a sneaky peek at Samsung’s guide to marketing. Rather than touting new features or specifications in its latest Windows Phone commercial, the company has taken to bashing the competition instead.

The minute-long clip sees Apple face off against Samsung during a massive wedding brawl as the two companies trade insults over smartphones.

NutKase PopLock For iPhone 5 Has A Built-In Kickstand That’s Also A Clip [Review]


This baby jams nicely into your car's air vent.

The PopLock is a new iPhone 5 case from NutKase that does more than just protect your beloved smartphone from scratches and scrapes. Its built-in, pressure sensitive kickstand pops out with just a push, allowing you to stand your iPhone for FaceTime calls and watching movies.

PopLock by NutKase
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $22.99

The stand is also designed to be a clip, which lets you fix your iPhone 5 to almost anything that’s sturdy enough to hold it, such as a computer monitor or an air vent in the car. The PopLock is made from a durable polycarbonate that promises to absorb shock, and it provides you with access to all of your ports, buttons, and cameras.

The case is available in grey and black, and it’s priced at $22.99. Here’s what I think of it after testing it for a few weeks.

Samsung Bashes iPhone’s Business Abilities In New Galaxy Commercial [Video]



Apple has made the iPhone more enterprise-friendly with almost every release of iOS, but some might say the company’s popular smartphone still isn’t ideal for business. When I say “some,” I mean Samsung. The Korean company just released a strange new advert to promote the enterprise features of its Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, and it couldn’t help but bash the iPhone and even BlackBerry devices at the same time.

Loop Attachment’s Awesome Mummy Case Finally Comes To iPad Mini [CES 2013]



I’m a big fan of Loop Attachment’s Mummy cases for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5; I’ve reviewed them both in the past and found them to be two of the best silicone cases you can get for Apple’s smartphone. And so I’m delighted that the Mummy for iPad mini has finally be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this week — alongside a nifty clip for the latest iPod nano.

First Macintosh Praised By Its Creators In Rare Promo Video From 1983


I bet you haven't seen this clip before.
I bet you haven't seen this clip before.

A rare Apple promotional video for the original Macintosh has surfaced online today, courtesy of one of the machine’s creators, Andy Hertzfeld. The one-minute clip, which was produced in 1983 by Chiat-Day, features members of the Macintosh team — including Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson, Burrell Smith, and Mike Murray — who praise their product for its affordability, reliability, and more.

Apple Employees Created This Video for Steve Jobs’ 30th Birthday




This moving video was created by Apple employees for Steve Jobs’ 30th birthday on February 24, 1985. The five-minute movie contains a slew of images of Steve that we’ve never seen before — as a baby; as a toddler on his bike; with friends and colleagues — and is a fitting testament to the way in which Apple workers viewed their great leader.