Plunge out your iPhone’s sludge with these tidying tips



One of the best perks about having an iPhone is that it naturally does a pretty good job at running well. Although, after time many users have found that their iPhone runs slower and doesn’t perform as well as it used to. In today’s how-to find out how to help your iPhone run smoother in just five quick tips.

Take a look at the video to see what to do.

Make Organizing Your Downloads Folder Quick & Simple With Downloads For Mac


Is you downloads folder out of control? Use Downloads for Mac to tame it.
Is your downloads folder out of control? Use Downloads for Mac to tame it.

I don’t know about you, but the downloads folder on my Mac is one that I just cannot keep organized. Every so often I’ll trawl through it and delete all the stuff I don’t want, while filing the stuff I do want into other folders. But most of the time it just includes a heap of documents and images that I’ve picked up over a course of many months.

But Downloads for Mac is a simple app that can change this. It displays each and every item in your downloads folder — whether its at top level or buried deep within other folders — and makes it easier to see what you have going on in there. For those of you with downloads folders like mine, this should make the cleanup process much quicker, and much easier.

Win A Free iPad or iPhone Cleaning Pack From Mobile Cloth [Giveaway]



Fingerprint smudges. You probably hate them just as much as we do, but the solution to avoiding them has eluded iPhone users for the past 5 years. Well if you can’t avoid them entirely, you can at least get rid of them in style with your own personalized screen cleaning cloth from Mobile Cloth.  Considering it only cost $6.99 for a pack of two, the Mobile Cloth is a very effective screen cleaner. A quick polish with the cloth removes all the gunk which is much more effective than wiping it on your jeans or tshirt — my previous preferred method of cleaning my iPhone. You don’t even need to use water (unless the grot is completely dried on).

The Mobile Cloth is made from a unique microfiber material, with the fibers split and woven into “nubs” that act like tiny “suction cups,” pulling grease and germs away from the screen, according to the company. What sets Mobile Cloth apart from competitors is the company’s ability to quickly print and ship personalized clothes with your image on them (ordering a pack of 200 personalized cloths retails for $359).

Today we’re giving away 10 packs of two Mobile Cloths to our Twitter followers.

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