Anti-robocall bill is one step closer to being passed into law
Fees Apple charges iOS developers to appear in the App Store are the focus of a new lawsuit.
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Redesigned MacBook Pro keyboard might fix problems [Updated]


There's a MacBook Pro keyboard design in the models introduced today.
There's a new MacBook Pro keyboard design in the models introduced today.
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Editor’s note: There’s fresh evidence that the new MacBook Pro keyboard actually does address the problems experienced by some owners.

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The MacBook Pro models just introduced include faster processors and better displays, but the most important new feature might be the keyboard. This has been redesigned, hopefully to fix serious problems that plagued earlier versions.

The “butterfly” keyboard in MacBook Pro models since 2016 have sparked a well-publicized recall petition and multiple lawsuits. This makes the reliability of the keyboard in the new devices a critical matter.

U.K. iPhone users want $4.3B from Google for privacy violations


A group called Google You Owe Us wants $1000 each after Google invaded their privacy
Millions in Britain wants $1000 each because they claim Google invaded their privacy
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A group of 4.4 million Brits accuse Google of illegally collecting and selling their personal information. They want a court to award them  $1000 (£750) each in compensation.

The group, which calls itself Google You Owe Us, was in court today asking to be made a representative action, the British equivalent of a class action.

Apple’s ‘butterfly’ MacBook keyboard faces threat of class-action lawsuit


MacBook butterfly keyboard
The butterfly keyboard used in the MacBook Pro and MacBook has now drawn both a recall petition and a lawsuit.
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A lawsuit filed in federal court claims that the keyboard used in all the MacBook Pros and MacBooks made in the past few years is defective. The plaintiffs request that this be made into a class-action lawsuit, and that Apple be required to replace all the affected keyboards at no cost to users.

The lawsuit also requests punitive damages because, as the plaintiffs claim, Apple continued to build and sell laptops with the “butterfly” keyboard even though the company knew it was defective.