Apple must pay $2 million to employees it screwed over


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Gene Levoff is accused of insider trading while at Apple.
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Apple’s former retail employees have come away victorious in their long legal battle against Apple in California.

A jury has ordered Apple to pay $2 million, after the iPhone-maker has found to have illegally denied retail staff meal and rest breaks and took weeks or months to give departing employees their last checks.

How to join the ‘Touch IC Disease’ class-action lawsuit against Apple


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A legal battle is brewing over 'Touch IC Disease'
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Owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units afflicted by the alleged design defect dubbed “Touch IC Disease” won’t get much aid from the Genius Bar, but a U.S. law firm is looking to help users take Apple to court.

After filing a class-action lawsuit against Apple on Saturday for not fixing iPhones with Touch IC Disease, McCuneWright LLP says it’s searching for more iPhone 6 owners who have suffered from the defect.

iPhone’s Touch IC Disease pandemic triggers lawsuit


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An insidious defect is effecting iPhone 6 owners.
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Touch IC Disease, a glitch with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that results in gray, flickering bars at the top of the devices’ screens and a loss of touch sensitivity, has earned Apple its latest class-action lawsuit.

Caused by an apparent design flaw in the iPhone 6 series, Touch IC Disease is more prevalent among the larger iPhone 6 Plus devices. While the problem made headlines for the first time last week, a proposed class-action lawsuit filed Saturday claims Apple has long been aware of the defect, which can render devices useless.

You Can’t Legally Join A Class-Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft, But You Can Against Apple (For Now)


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Microsoft plans to use license agreements to prevent class action lawsuits


Microsoft is a company known for creating strict, labyrinthine, costly terms in its commercial and end-user licensing. With Windows 8 seen as a make-or-break product for Microsoft, the company has already been adding licensing terms intended to strengthen its hand in the mobile market. As we reported earlier this year, Microsoft’s enterprise licensing for Windows 8 has provisions to coerce businesses into buying ARM-based Windows RT tablets while punishing those that deploy iPads with more costly terms.

Ratcheting things up a notch, Microsoft’s general counsel Tim Fielden announced new details about the company’s end-user license agreements. Although not mentioning specific products or services, Fielden posted on a Microsoft blog that many new agreements will prohibit users from initiating a class action lawsuit against the company.

EU: Apple Is At The Head Of An E-Book ‘Cartel’!


Photo by Nine is the Magic Number -
Photo by Nine is the Magic Number -

Did Apple conspire with major publishers to increase e-book prices? The European Commission has launched an antitrust probe of Apple and five publishers amid claims the industry was “terrified” by Amazon’s $9.99 e-book push. At the heart is Apple’s iBookstore and the tech giant’s “agency model” that a California lawsuit charges inflated book prices.

Apple Named As Defendent In Carrier IQ Class Action Lawsuit


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Despite the fact that Apple allows users an easy way to opt out of the service, have removed it entirely from most of their phones and that Apple’s implementation of Carrier IQ tracks no personal information whatsoever, guess what? Cupertino’s been named in a class action lawsuit over the notorious keylogging software, along with a host of other hardware makers, all of whom are way more guilty.