After Two Weeks, iOS 6.1 Accounts For Over Half Of All iOS Web Traffic [Chart]


North AmericaniPhone iOS Version Distribution

By now we know that iOS users update their software pretty quickly. One month after Apple released iOS 6.0, the software accounted for 60% of all iOS web traffic. Now that Apple has released iOS 6.1, the latest release alone accounts for over half of all web traffic.

Chitika has been tracking iOS web traffic using ad impressions from millions of iOS devices, and the last few weeks reveal how aggressively Apple users continue to update their software.

As you can see from the chart, iOS 6.1 already accounts for 52.4% of web traffic. 6.1 was released on January 28th. Non-iOS 6 devices only account for a measly 12.4% share combined. iOS 6.1.1 was released just two days ago for only the iPhone 4S, which explains its tiny 2.2% piece of the pie.

Source: Chitika Insights

Google Maps Boosts iOS 6 Adoption By 29% [Report]



It seems Apple’s problematic new Maps app was discouraging a lot of people from upgrading to iOS 6, the Cupertino company’s latest software. But now that Google Maps is official available as a native iOS app, there’s nothing to stop users from finally performing the upgrade. In fact, its arrival boosted iOS 6 adoption by 29%.

Google Maps For iPhone Release Didn’t Really Affect iOS 6 Adoption At All [Report]


Google Maps Apple Maps icons

Have you been waiting for Google Maps to come back to the App Store before you update to iOS 6? Given the incredibly harsh media attention that Apple Maps has received since iOS 6 went live back in September, you’d think that there would be a significant number of users holding out for Google Maps to make its triumphant return.

Since the release of Google Maps a few days ago, there hasn’t been a noticeable spike in iOS 6’s adoption rate. In fact, it’s had no real impact on users updating to iOS 6 at all. Was the ‘Mapplegate‘ fiasco really that exaggerated?

60% Of iPhones Have Installed iOS 6, But Only 39% Of iPod Touches Have Adopted It



iOS 6 is spreading like wildfire across Apple’s iDevices. Within two days of its release a quarter of all iOS devices had adopted Apple’s newest mobile operating system, and its use continues to grow. Chitika Insights has released their new data on iOS 6 adoption rates and they’ve found that 60% of iPhone users have already installed iOS 6, but only 39% of iPod touch users are on the new iOS.

Google Chrome For iOS Only Owns 10.3% Of Third-Party Browser Market



Back in June at the I/O developer conference, Google announced  they are bringing their Chrome web browser to the iOS platform. Many Apple fans prefer Chrome over Safari on desktop machines, so the unveil was met with a lot of excitement from iOS users. However, it looks like Chrome has a long  road ahead if it hopes to become a prominent power on the iOS web scene.

A new study by Chitika shows that after Google Chrome for iOS has been at the top of the App Store charts for weeks, it has earned a 1.5% marketshare of  all web browsers on iOS. Safari dominates with an 85.6% marketshare, while other third-party browsers take up the other 13%. Chrome’s overall 1.5% browser share translates to a 10.3% share of the total iOS third-party browser market.